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How To Get a Good Insurance Auto Quote

Published at 01/24/2012 20:53:16


We should all be grateful for the effects the internet has had on how to access information on insurance auto quote. I can only imagine in the past what people had to go through to get the best possible rate for their car insurance; scrolling through a phone book, making physical visits, asking your friends, you name it. But now, all you have to do is fire up your computer and use the internet to get all the information that you could possibly want. Here are some of the issues you should consider, as you sift through the huge plethora of insurance companies out there to find the best insurance auto quote.

Step 1

The Amount of Coverage You Want

Most states have a set minimum amount for the liability coverage to be held by each car owner. However, this is just a legal minimum requirement and may not be adequate to meet the level of comfort and security you are looking for. The cost of your insurance premiums will vary with the amount of coverage you choose on your policy; the higher the coverage, the higher the premiums will be. You can also get additional coverage for other accident types like vandalism, extreme weather or theft. Your choice of deductibles (amount you pay out of pocket, before the insurance kicks in) will also determine the range of your insurance auto quote, the higher the deductibles the lower the premiums.

Step 2

You’re Statistics

Insurance agents will use you’re statistics to provide an insurance auto quote, depending on the coverage you choose. Some statistics are uncontrollable like your age, years of driving experience, make and model of the car, while others are, like the car’s security features and where you park the car overnight. To get the best rate possible, you should focus your efforts on those statistics you can control. For instance, order a copy of your driving record and comb through it, to check for inconsistencies. If you are yet to install a car alarm, this should be the perfect excuse to do so.

Step 3

Confirm your Eligibility for Discounts

According to The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), there are certain criteria which insurance companies will consider, so as to provide discounts in an insurance auto quote. Factors like:


A good driving record: many auto insurers will offer discounts on an insurance auto quote if a driver has not made any claims, been in an accident or received a traffic ticket in three years.
Multiple policies: some auto insurers will offer discounts to clients, if they take up more than one policy with them. Driver’s competency: some insurance companies will offer drivers a discount if they show a high level of competency while driving, gauged by added education on driver’s safety.
Safety equipment: safety equipment like antilock brakes and antitheft devices can qualify you for a discount.

Sources and Citations

The best place to start with your search for an insurance auto quote should on the internet. There, you can easily compare rates and make the best decision.