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When getting insurance car quotes, it is important to learn your country or your state insurance policy. It is recommended to get advice from an agent when purchasing insurance for the car. There are some states in the US like Florida where the minimum insurance requirements for drivers are $10,000 worth for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 worth for Property Damage Liability (PDL).

When getting your car insurance, it is important to research and obtain insurance car quotes. Yearly policies are cheaper for car insurance instead of six month policies. The basis behind this is that six month policy insurance can change rates every six months as compared to yearly policies which changes once a year.

Step 1

Before driving a car, it is important to get drivers education. If the evaluations are good, they can be submitted to the car insurance company. Also, it would be a good decision to take defense driving courses. Some companies give discounts for attending these courses. The state insurance commissioner or insurance company would be able to tell if the course obtained is qualified for a discounted online insurance car quotes.

Step 2

Look into cars that have theft devices. Most of these devices are automatic, but some need to be activated with a press of a button. Either way, these theft devices get discounts on insurance car quotes. Some states also provide an additional discount for things such as window sketching.

Step 3

If there are a number of cars in possession, it would be a good idea to ask for multiple car discounts. There are some instances where insuring two cars can be the same price as insuring one car. If not, insuring another car should not cost as much as it should be. These requests can be done through the insurance agent and can be researched when getting online insurance car quotes.

Step 4

If your car will be stored for a period of time, it would be advisable to look into comprehensive storage coverage. When a car is in storage, there is less to no risk of being in collision. Thus, there would be no need for liability charges so the insurance car quotes should be less. Most vehicles that are obtained through the use of bank loans can have a $1,000 discount.

Step 5

Look into the mileage the car has travelled. Often times, when an insurance company or an insurance agent asks about the mileage, it is to categorize the driver into what type of user class. Each class can have significant differences in the insurance car quotes and prices.

Step 6

There are companies that offer discount on car insurance for being associated with certain organizations that include credit unions, possession of a certain credit card, and college sororities. It is important to call the service center and ask for a list of organization or affiliations that would incur a discount on the insurance car quotes.


Insurance companies and insurance agents look into credit history before giving insurance car quotes. It is important to watch the credit rating and base the policy on what the credit reflects. If the credit is in good terms, it would be easier to obtain car insurance. If not, it is possible to obtain online insurance car quotes from companies who do not do credit checks.

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