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The Best Nj Insurance Companies

Published at 02/01/2012 18:33:01

The Best Nj Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are very important in that they help businesses or individuals in the event of an uncertain loss from any accidents. They make their clients feel safe and are therefore able to undertake risks more easily in exchange for a small premium.


The residents of New Jersey understand the importance of insurance and this has resulted in an increasing demand for insurances services. Due to this high demand and there being an increase of the number of nj insurance companies with different deals that sometimes the clients are confused on which company to choose.

Some fraudsters also come up with fake briefcase companies that are meant to deceive clients which is why its very important for consumers to go for nj insurance companies with good credentials. Listed below are some of the best nj insurance companies.

Top NJ Insurance Companies

1. Cigna
This is a privately owned nj insurance company and the products and services that it offers include: property insurance adjusters and General Auto insurance, loss adjusters, integrated Insurance Services and Allstate Claims Adjuster. Cigna is a highly rated company categorized under insurance situated in Jersey City, NJ.

2. United healthcare
Just like the insurance company above it is situated in Jersey City, NJ. It categorized under Health plans. United Healthcare is a private nj insurance company whose products and services include: Business Group Health Insurance and Pet Health Insurance, National Health Insurance, Health Insurance Individual and Health Insurance Online Quote.

3. Njbls Welfare fund
This private company offers products and services such as Discount Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance Quote, Small Group Health Insurance and Temporary Health Insurance and Cobra Health Insurance. This nj insurance company is categorized under Pension, Health and Welfare Funds.

5. Thomas miller America Inc
Based in Jersey City, NJ, this private company offers services such as: All States Claims Adjuster, Loss Adjusters, Integrated Insurance companies, Property Insurance Adjuster and General Auto Insurance.

Top NJ Insurance Companies

6. Gallagher Re Inc
This is a privately owned insurance company based in Jersey City, NJ offers the following products and services: property insurance adjusters and General Auto insurance, loss adjusters, integrated Insurance Services and Allstate Claims Adjuster.

7. Ace Bail Bonds Inc
This private company has its offices Jersey City, NJ is an underwriter of surety & fidelity in all the 50 states and beyond.

8. Frenkel & CO Inc
This private Insurance Company was established in New Jersey 1946 and has grown to become one of the best nj insurance. Frenkel & CO Inc is categorized under insurance Brokers, Nec.

9. Daynard & Van Thunen CO
This private nj insurance company was established in 1947 and is categorized under Insurance Adjusters. Its products and services include: Nationwide Insurance Adjuster, Automotive Insurance Adjuster, Public Adjusters and Custard Insurance and Loss Adjusters

10. Perr & Knight
Perr & Knight is a nj insurance company that offers insurances services and is categorized under insurance information and consulting services. Although established in 2007 and not as old as some of the nj insurance companies above it is highly rated and offers the best insurance services in the nj area.