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The Cheapest Fort Insurance

Published at 02/07/2012 18:13:16

The Cheapest Fort Insurance

In the unpredictable world that we live in today, it is imperative to be insured against any mishaps. Insurance of valuables like your house or the car will help you in maintaining mental peace and helps you to stop worrying about small things all the time. But covering your belongings against mishaps does not have to be a burden. Protecting something should never be more expensive than the actual thing that is being protected. So if you have something that you wish to protect, and you want to be done without burning a hole in the pocket, consider the many options of fort insurance.


It began in 1927 in Montreal; Fort Insurance is one of the finest insurance brokerage firms. The portfolio contains three main brokerage divisions: Home & Automobile Insurance, Employee Benefits and Business Insurance. With the client retention rate of up to 93% against the industry average of 81%, the ability to provide customer specific solutions is quite evident. Business and home insurance form the bulk portion of the company’s portfolio.


The Fort Insurance Company has been long acknowledged as the brokers who can get you the cheapest insurance for your homes. The expertise of the professionals in accurately identifying the needs of the customers suggests the best possible option. This ensures that the insurance that the customer buys is the most suited and cheapest option. The company has more than 50 seasoned practitioners who have been active in the field for more than 30 years and who have handled many complex accounts. The partners in business are all the major insurers active in Canada. From agreements with all the major players: AXA, Aviva Canada, Chubb Insurance, ING, Zurich, Affiliated FM and Lloyds, this company can provide customers with unparalleled options.

Tips and comments

In addition to providing the clients with cheap options, Fort Insurance also offer consultancy services to customers in suggesting ways to keeping the prices down of the insurance they intend to buy. One should always do homework before purchasing a property. Also increasing the deductible is one way to reduce the premiums. It is also a good idea not to claim each and every loss. Paying for a few minor repairs of the damages will keep the premiums down and will be more cost effective in the long run.

Apart for offering cheap home loans, Fort Insurance is also a trusted name in providing customized “Commercial Insurance” to business owners. The consultative approach ensures that the company completely understands the needs of the clients before making any recommendations. Fort Insurance takes pride in being one of the most client friendly insurance brokers, something evident from its high client retention rate. Selling or acquiring a new asset changes the risk profile of the company, and the insurance needs to be changed accordingly. Awareness of such changes enables the company to suggest suitable recommendations and helps in saving money for clients in the long run. With services in a wide variety of business types, Fort Insurance is the first choice as insurer brokers for many firms. It has a presence in manufacturing, industrial and real estate. The insurance coverage areas include Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (both profit and nonprofit), Business Interruption Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Crime Insurance and other specialty coverage.