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Finding Insurance on Cars

Published at 02/08/2012 22:17:10


Everyone who owns a vehicle should consider getting car insurance to protect you in the event of an accident and to provide you with peace of mind if you should still owe money on your vehicle, as having insurance will most likely finish paying a bank loan off in case your vehicle is totaled. Finding insurance on cars is simpler today than it ever has been. With just a few simple phone calls or by going online you can find insurance that will fit your needs and fit into your budget as well.


Most states now require that you have at least liability coverage on your vehicle, which will protect both you and the other driver involved should there be an accident. Full coverage insurance is usually required by banks if you still owe money on your vehicle so make sure that you know what kind of coverage you need before calling around to different insurance agents. It is also important to know that in most states, you must also provide proof of car insurance before you will be allowed to get your tags renewed each year.

Have all of your information on hand before you call your insurance agent or go online. Most places will need your name and address where the vehicle is parked at, date of birth, drivers license number of all drivers that you want to be covered, vehicle identification number of all vehicles that you want to be covered under the policy and history of prior insurance if you had it. They will also want to know if your vehicle is used primarily for business purposes or for pleasure.


Start by calling local insurance agents in your area. Most places are able to run your information through a database of several different companies and are able to give you several different quotes at once, allowing you to make the best decision for your needs and budget.

If you have a specific company in mind that you would like to be insured with, you can go online and enter all of your vehicle and personal information and get a real time quote in a matter of moments. If you should choose to go this route, you can usually be insured immediately and can print off a copy of your insurance documents and insurance ID cards.

Tips and comments

Check the state laws of the state that you are living in and see what coverage they require that all drivers have. Most states now require insurance in some form or another. If you are caught driving without car insurance you will face hefty fines and possibly lose your drivers license. Keep in mind that some states also require you have proof of insurance in order to renew vehicle tags and license plates.

Make sure that you have all of the information required before you call your insurance agent or go online. This will make the whole process go much smoother and is the best way to get the most accurate quote.

Check around each year when your insurance comes up for renewal. You may qualify for a cheaper rate since you had insurance with the same company in the prior year and sometimes companies will offer you a more competitive rate to take your business away from their competitors.


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