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What You Need To Know About Insurance Sr22 ?

Published at 05/11/2012 20:30:49


It is a requirement to have your car on the road only when it is covered under the basic insurance cover. This type of insurance is however not sufficient and you will find that you will still require additional covers like insurance sr22.


This type of insurance is a special one that is only given to the high risk drivers that have been charged at an earlier time for poor driving. They might have been caught driving under influence or basically driving while drunk. This type of insurance is very expensive and there are only specific insurance companies that provide the insurance sr22. The insurance companies work under contracts with the state insurance commission and when they get approved they can then offer the insurance sr22 to their customers, where customer signs without prior negotiations. The customers can only be allowed to compare the reputation of the insurance sr22 company, and also the different rates that various companies offer. When it comes to the real signing of the deal, the customer has to abide with the decisions of the insurer. The cover is non-negotiable and all you as a customer can do is either accept or reject it.


Taking these covers requires that you understand how all the conditions about insurance sr22 are. This is because the lack of reading the details which you are not allowed to can put you as a customer into very deep problems. For instance the insurance sr22 is only supposed to be given to a person who has had only one DUI case in the last seven years. If then you have more than that and you take the insurance sr22 cover then it would be in vain. That is why every person who wants to be insured under this cover should understand all the requirements and know that he or she will not get the details of the contract from the insurance company.

Tips and comments

Taking the cover blindly is risky because one might think is covered but not. Any person who is prone to breaking traffic rules when driving under the influence of alcohol should take extra care not to get more than one DUI case because when they add up to more than one then he or she has to stay off the roads for the next seven years. Getting this insurance sr22 is should be thoroughly considered by the person to be insured because paying a lot of money for something that will not be valid is a bit out of order and therefore taking some time and researching about the issue is even more prudent.
When the sales person convinces you to buy the insurance sr22 by not revealing the underlying consequences and requirements apart from the cost that you are needed to pay, you will not hold him or her to account once you realize that the cover will not work for you. You should therefore try and ask questions when you are getting this cover so that you don't get misled and forced to take a cover that will not work for you.