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Tips And Ideas For Loan Education

Published at 02/29/2012 22:53:27

Tips for loan education

Loans for education can be made available by banks or financial institutions. They facilitate many students for them to pay for their education. Students seek the education loans for different purposes like paying graduation, professional course and post-graduation. The amount of loan to be awarded is determined by factors like family background, income or even the type of course being taken. For a student to be considered eligible for loan, some institutions or banks look at sex, age, period of course being taken, nationality among others. There is however an age limits depending on the terms of the financer. Repayment period is another characteristic of the loan education. Depending on the period of the course, most financers consider repayment to be at least 2 years after completing your education. The banks and financial institutions charge different interest rates on the loan education they give. Generally, between 8%-15%. They charge a loan processing fee of between 0.5%-2.5%. One common characteristic of the loan education is that there had to be a guarantor. A guarantor is a third party who acts as security for the loan. This may be a parent or spouse. Once the loan applicant fills in the loan education forms, he or she ensures that details of the third party are included. He is also required to submit his fee's statement and admission letter. Also to be included in the documents is proof that he is a student. In the case of foreigners, visas and travel documents may be required. The following tips are important for students considering taking up loan education.

Step 1

Understand the loan

Even before you apply for an education loan it is crucial for you to understand the criteria of eligibility, and the various aspects covered by the education loan. Some eligibility criteria may require you to have attained a certain minimum grade point average, pursue a specific graduate or post-graduate course and other types of courses. Some education loan may just be financing tuition fees while other may be financing more, like travel expenses.

Step 2

Repayment process

Be aware of how you are going to repay your education loan. Are you going to pay by bank or check. Either way, you will still repay the education loan.

Step 3

Use your resources first

Before you rush into taking up a education loan to facilitate your learning, identify the amount that you can afford for yourself and that which you need. The financers may rule you out in their eligibility criteria if they find out that your income can actually cater for your needs. In any case, the less you borrow, the less you will be required to repay.

Step 4

Be aware of the pre-payment fee

Debts can be a burden if you let them mount. If you can afford to pay the entire loan in full, fine. If you cannot, repay it in installments. This may even lower your interest rate.

Step 5

Weigh your options

There is always another option to taking a education loan. People have come up with various schemes in the market that act as financing institutions. Banks also offer different loans at different rates. Access the benefits of those banks that offer you better interest and their risks as well. Some banks also have a processing fee while others do not. Take your time to gather all these details, compare and consult about the loan education before you decide to take the next step which is submitting the application

Step 6

Find out about the grace period

Grace period refers to that period before you start repaying your loan. Some grace periods are shorter than the rest while others are long. It is important for you to know when you were going to repay your loan in order for you to be financially prepared. Some financers may charge you delaying payment for the education loan.

Step 7

Familiarize yourself with cancellation fees  

You must know how to calculate interest, processing fee and extra charges. It is good to have your own figure so that when the financier claims his dues, you have a rough idea of how much you are needed to repay. Most people concentrate more on the loan amount and do not put into consideration the extra charges. Extra charges also carry a lot. The banks and financial institutions do not clarify the details of the education loan so it is up to you to have this knowledge.

Step 8

Weigh the pros and cons

Everything has its brighter and darker side. Before you apply for the loan, do some research about it. This will help you identify the risks involved if any and the benefits to be gained. If you do not access the disadvantages of taking the loan, it can lead you to trauma during repayment. Go through the terms and conditions of the loan education time and again.

Step 9

Ask questions

Do not hesitate to clarify any doubts or questions you may be having. Ask as many questions about the education loan, as you can.

Step 10


Most people consider it a done deal once they get the loan. It is important that you keep in touch with the authorities of that bank or institution.


Education is one of the greatest investments one can ever make in life. However, it sometimes calls for financial support. It is up to you to research on the potential financers of your loan education and understand the aspects and procedure of taking up a education loan. The tips above are necessary as they guide you in your decision making.


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