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Who doesn't want some more money? Of course, it is not all that easy to earn it. However, you can make sure that you don't lose what you have earned. Something money seems to flow out of our hands without realizing what you spend the money on. Here are the some of the easiest and best saving methods which will help you keep a check on expenses.


Give up smoking. Yes, you got that right. One of the best saving methods is to give up tobacco – this way money which you otherwise would have squandered on the killer habit would be saved. Moreover there are companies which offer cheaper insurance packages for non-smokers, this way you will be saving money on insurance and on hospital bills as well. That you won't be wheezing, coughing and torturing your lungs, is another bonus. Another idea that could be called a best saving method or plain common sense is to look after you health. If you are cautious, you will not have to pay huge hospital bills later. An example would be oral care – brushing twice daily and flossing is all it takes to keep those cavities and the dentist at bay.

Save electricity. This easy to accomplish method will save you a good amount on money. Here are some ideas - switch off the lights when you are not using them. Use sources of light that are more eco-friendly such as low energy light bulbs or LED lighting - these usually translate to lesser use of electricity because they emit less heat. Dry your clothes on a cloth line instead of using the drier – do the same for your hair (and they will thank you for it). Don't leave devices on stand-by mode for very long intervals of time – it is better to shut them down instead. Save water. Fixing a leaking faucet is one of the steps that will make it possible for you to have one of the best saving plans around. A leaking pipe or tap can lead to a loss of about 2,000 gallons of water a year if the rate of leakage is one drop per second. This will translate into water bills for you, so would it not be much better to just fix the leak instead?


Pack your lunch from home. Buying food at a cafe everyday is one of the biggest drains on money. Nutritious and wholesome home food is not only good for your pocket but good for your health too. Also try to suppress the urge to eat out and spend some quality time with your family, eating at home in a relaxed environment instead. Eat less meat. Meat is more expensive than vegetable meals, and cutting down on it is definitely one of the best saving methods. This does not mean you have to become vegetarian all the time, but even a few meals a week that does not contain meat will help you save. Sign up for customer cards that give your reward points. This should be done at stores which you frequent often, as after some time you will start getting your cash back. However, if this is going to be one of the best saving tips you have received; be determined not to empty the reward points on unnecessary shopping.

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Buying tickets for travel by air in advance is a good way to save money. If you are planning a trip in advance, book your tickets in advance. Use IM or Skype to make international calls. This will cost only a fraction of what you would have to pay on a phone call.

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