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Great Advice For Tax Irs

Published at 03/04/2012 17:21:39


IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is a bureau that belongs to the treasury department and is directed by the commissioner of internal revenue. The main responsibility or the IRS is tax collection, interpretation, and enforcement of the internal revenue code. The IRS also aims at solving taxpayers problems and questions mainly through their website. On the IRS tax website, taxpayers are able to access many applications that help with the various tax problems they have.

These applications include:

  • A free file which is an easy, free and fast way to prepare and file your tax returns.
  • An IRS tax withholding calculator that assist taxpayers determine the income he/she should pay.
  • An authorized E-file provider that assists the taxpayers to identify someone who can file their tax returns electronically.
  • An alternative minimum tax assistant that determines if the taxpayer is subject to the AMT.
  • An EICT assistant who helps the taxpayers to know whether they are eligible for earned income tax.
  • A sales tax deduction calculator that helps the taxpayers to calculate and prepare their returns.
  • An electronic federal tax payment system that enables taxpayers to pay tax online.
  • An online payment agreement that is meant for taxpayers who cannot complete their tax payments by the required date.

Step 1

The IRS sends notices to taxpayers but it does not always mean that the notices are correct. If you find an IRS tax notice that you think is not correct, provide them relevant information to proving that you do not owe IRS tax anything. If you agree to the notice that you owe IRS tax tax, interest and penalties, you make your payment and email it to the address provided in the notice email. IRS waives penalties if requested through a letter explaining the delayed payments. Attach the letter with the payment you email to IRS tax.


Step 2

Provide the relevant documents to the IRS tax audit team that prove you do not owe IRS tax any money. Do not carry any additional documents that will bring up other additional issues and charges. Never volunteer information. Only give the requested information.

Step 3

Never lie to the IRS tax as they may decide to investigate you and if they find you guilty of giving false information, they may file charges against you. If they ask a question you cannot answer just dismiss it and promise to research and get back to them or respond the next you meet with the IRS tax auditor.

Step 4

File extensions of the current year's tax returns. If you are under IRS tax audit, this should a very important thing to do. The current years tax return is always open to IRS tax audit if filed while they are conducting previous years audits. It is always better to file for extensions as you wait for the audit to completed then you can file your tax returns.

Step 5

You can meet the IRS tax auditor in the company of your accountant or attorney or they could meet the auditor on your behalf. Provide them with the relevant information and direct them not to answer questions that are not related to the provided information.




  • Once your IRS tax bill is defined, seek professional help and advice to help determine the best way to meet you IRS tax needs.
  • IRS tax offers free help andguidance on all tax issues at all the time. You can reach them through telephone, Internet or in person.
  • IRS can be sued and can also sue taxpayers. If you fill like they are charging you more than they should, then you can take the issue to court.

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