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What You Need To Know About Tax Online

Published at 03/05/2012 18:52:22


Tax is a fee levied by the government on an income, product or activity. It is not a voluntary contribution but an enforced contribution, exacted by the government to its citizens pursuant to legislative authority. e - Payment facilitates payment of direct tax online. According to National Audit Office (NAO), more than 11.5 million people a year submit their returns online. With the increasing deficit and prospects of bankruptcy by the state, revenue collection in e- Business has become a necessity.

Figuring out on the amount of online sales tax is a complex process since the laws vary from state to state and the laws are also vibrantly changing. The idea of visiting a tax professional regularly can hence be of much help but in the mean time, the following tips can be off help.


The biggest problems encountered while handling the online sales tax is the absence of a single set of rules that are in place to cover every state. Some states for example Maryland, you only charge tax online for sales made within the state and you do not have to charge taxes for a sale outside that state. This might however change with time and one may be required to collect online sales tax for all online sales. A number of states have already streamlined their sales tax collection process and more are moving in that direction. With so many states backing the effort, it seems possible that there will be a requirement to collect sales tax nationally, eventually.


Your e-commerce software

The sort of software you are using to handle online sales should also be considered. Advanced online shopping carts give the option to set sales tax rates for those online buyers who avail information on their specific state. The software also generates reports that allow you cut a check to the appropriate tax agencies. Consultation from Virtual assistants on the best shopping cart for sales tax collection and how to configure it would be in order.

Stay aware of changes

If you are involved in selling online as a major part of your business, it is essential to stay abreast of the tax online change, both in your own state and in any states you have customers in. it is advisable to check if your sates comptroller’s office offer mailing lists or other services for any online sales tax changes notification. You tax professional consultant can also assist you on where to get notification materials.

Filing Taxes

Use of a professional accountant to assist in your tax online filling would be important if you have complex situations. National Association of Tax Professionals offers a list of Certified Public Accountants, tax lawyers and enrolled agents that can represent you before the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), which is the US government agency that is responsible for tax collection and enforcement of laws relating to tax. However, in absence of complex online tax issues, it would be much less expensive to prepare your own returns. A business whose income is less or equal to $56,000 can use “Free File program” which enables access to free tax software. Free File program is free for federal tax returns. Businesses making more than $56,000 also file their federal forms electronically through the use of “Free File Fillable Forms”. There are also many soft wares available in the market that guides the tax payer through the filing process.

Record Keeping

The Internal Revenue Service has three years to perform an audit and it is hence paramount for a business to keep all records supporting your tax return for seven years. The records kept are also necessary for getting a loan or insurance purposes.

Tips and comments

  1. Always file your taxes especially for the case of tax online.
  2. Always keep good records
  3. Make sure you stay away from changes.
  4. Ensure your online e-commerce software caters for tax online.



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