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the Best Appetizers For Baby Shower


Baby shower is a party that is thrown to welcome a new born baby in the house. This little party is attended by both men and women. Only the closest relatives and friends are called upon this little party. Many decorations are made by the mother’s friends and closest relatives. The young mother is given a special dress to wear which is made especially for the occasion. A baby shower has proper beautifully designed invitations and distributed among the friends and relatives. Special food and appetizers are chosen for the party. The appetizers are the only things that are served on a few baby showers, that are usually on a budget.


In ancient times, a baby shower used to be a little get together in which women would give advices, tell stories and share their own experiences on raising a baby. It was restricted to women only but now even men are invited. The small get together is now changed to a party with proper decorations, food, appetizers and everything.


Baby shower is a party and obviously every kind of party is incomplete without food. Parties do not require proper food; they just require snacks and appetizers. These appetizers do not have to be really heavy, they need to be light weight, easy to eat and must not create a lot of mess. So there are a few appetizers that are served at baby showers most of the time and are even very easy to make. Some people use cheese and crackers. This snack is best for a party and very easy to serve and make. They can be served with cheese balls or maybe cheese lodges. Stuffed mushrooms can also be served though they take a little time in making but they are still very tasty and best for a party. Of course fruit salad can never be ignored when searching for a good snack for a baby for one of your closest friends. A fruit salad is healthy, easy to make, less costly and it goes best with the whole baby shower theme. This snack is even good for the mother. Sandwiches of different kinds which include cheese sandwiches, boiled egg and mayonnaise sandwiches, mushroom and chicken sandwiches are also healthy and a good party snack. You can never serve just one snack at a party. There have to three to four snacks at every sort of party. Chips and Dip are also a good snack to be served. If you serve three salty things and then you can serve one or two sweet dishes like ice cream, brownies, cakes and cookies. This can make your baby shower really good.

Tips and comments

When throwing a baby shower for a friend you have to be very careful when it comes to selecting appetizers for the party. You must always go for snacks that are healthy, fill your appetite and are clean to handle that is they do not cause a big mess. They also have to be tasty and delicious to eat.

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