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Top 5 Appetizers Snacks For a Football Party


Hosting the next game at your place in your brand new home theater system? With a big screen television, lots of appetizers snacks and drinks, you are all ready to call your buddies over and enjoy the big game and have fun. Football fans are the most satisfying slackers you will ever cook for. They will love anything that is delicious, easy to eat and junky so when you set up that buffet table you better stand back before the crowd reaches it. So here is a list of the best appetizers snacks and other items you can serve to your company, to make the game more thrilling.


The first, must have snack during the game, is the traditional chips with onion dip. A snack that is suitable for any kind of company even if you are not watching a game. You can spice it up a little as well. You can get more creative with the kind of dip you are using and add a few more ingredients and turn it into a more exotic snack. Let us say Nachos chips with cheese dip with lots of vegetables and jalapenos and cream added into it will make an excellent spicy snack. The next big appetizer is the all loving and perhaps the most legendary junk food “HOT WINGS”. What sport is enjoyable to watch without hot wings? Order them in from the nearest fast food chain, sports bar or even cook them up at home. You can check out amazing recipes online if you Google it or you can just always tune in to the food network, which will definitely be showing great such recipes around the time of a big game. You can substitute the wings with some nice hot chicken drum sticks, which you can get the recipe for, from the same sources. This list is not just going to be about appetizers snacks and drinks that are also a huge part of enjoying the big game. Pizzas are a favorite snack served in almost all sporting game parties. Nothing says game night like a nice cold beer with a slice of pepperoni pizza.


You must also add more beefy snacks. You always see men barbequing steaks and burgers in parking lots of the big games and yes you must have them in your living rooms as well even if the ketchup stains the carpet. Dips and chicken are not going to satisfy the hunger of passionate football fans getting hyper and excited after every score. So make sure you are serving any kind of appetizers snacks and meals that are beefy like mini burgers, beef kebabs and sausage but traditionally stick with the burger.

Tips and comments

Our final entry for the list includes you adding a make your own sandwich or taco stand. This is the easiest way to serve appetizers snacks and other food items can also be served in a similar way. Let the big men make their own tacos and dressing just the way they like for themselves. You should not have to do all of the work especially if you are going to be cleaning up afterwards.

By Amara, published at 01/31/2012
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