Benefits Of Protien Suplements
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Benefits Of Protien Suplements

Published at 01/10/2012 16:37:27


Benefits Of Protien Suplements

Several vigorous activities may lead to damages to any part of the body. Most of the time it manifests as a pain experienced within the muscles. However, in some cases there an individual neglects to observe certain damages unless it worsens. Proteins play a vital role in repairing these tissues and organs. Aside from that, it is needed to obtain optimum muscle and tissue growth. The human body itself is composed primarily of proteins and water. As several health practitioners prescribe, proteins must be included in one’s diet. However, there are certain occasions that protien suplements are required to increase protein absorption.


Benefits Of Protien Suplements

Protien suplements originated in the 1930’s due to the high demand of non perishable foods. Eugene Schiff was the first person to effectively process whey for human consumption. The very first processed protein products available in the market are powdered milk and soy beans. The process involved in manufacturing these products is by drying natural sources of protein and powdering them afterwards. There are several advantages in purchasing these preserved products. However, it is highly recommended to obtain proteins from natural sources such as eggs, meats and legumes because of the added nutrients they provide. Today, several dietary supplements are available in the market. From powder to capsules, tablets and the most popular form protein bars. Most of these products are consumed by body builders who believes that through increasing protein consumption muscle bulk will be obtained faster. 


Benefits Of Protien Suplements

The benefits of protien suplements vary depending on the consumer. In physical fitness training and weight loss programs, proteins are the major source of energy instead of carbohydrates and fats. Proteins can be converted into energy. The theory behind this is that when there is no ample source of carbohydrates and fats to convert into energy, the body utilizes proteins available in tissues and muscles. That is the primary reason why the body structure shrinks during an illness or low carbohydrate diet is administered.

Aside from energy it supplies, protien suplements like all proteins functions in repairing damaged muscles and increase fat metabolism. During workouts, it is inevitable to exhibit muscle injuries. Increasing protein intake would enable the body to efficiently repair its parts. Vegetarians are also advised to take these supplements. It is a fact that major source of proteins are from meat. Though some vegetables contain a percentage of proteins, it is still insufficient for the body’s requirements. Lastly, pregnant women are advised to take protien suplements to aid in the fetus’ growth.

Tips and comments

Though protien suplements have high benefits, there are still restrictions in taking these supplements.  Before purchasing some of these supplements seek for a medical advice. The recommended daily intake of proteins should be limited to 0.36 grams per pound of your total body weight. With the latest fitness trends, numerous products are all over the internet. Every individual is advised to research sufficient data before consuming processed products. Keep in mind that all synthetic drugs including supplements must pass the FDA standards. Check the label of the drug, it must be FDA approved and tested. The very important thing to do is to consume natural products like including egg, meat and beans in your regular diet.