Discover Great Benefits For Vitamins Nutrition
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Discover Great Benefits For Vitamins Nutrition

Published at 02/01/2012 01:47:24


Discover Great Benefits For Vitamins Nutrition

Our body is never at rest. Even when we are sleeping or aren’t involved in any motile activity there are various reactions and processes being constantly carried out inside our system. Needless to say that to be able to perform these constant processes our body requires a massive amount of energy. This energy is given to our body by the food that we eat. Anything that we consume as food is broken down inside and nutrients are drawn out of it these nutrients are then utilized as energy by our body. Though most of the major organic nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins can be synthesized by our body but their quantity isn’t enough to meet our requirements hence food is a necessity. However there are certain nutrients like some inorganic nutrients and vitamins which are body cannot synthesize but they are quite essential for our health. Such nutrients have to be ingested from other sources.


Vitamins in particular are very important nutrients which are very essential for our system. These are organic nutrients which our body cannot synthesize on its own but requires greatly. Many plants and animals do have vitamins in their system through which we can attain these nutrients such foods are called vitamin rich foods. There are many different types of vitamins out of which most important are vitamin A, B1, B12, B2, C, D, K, E and folic acid. All these vitamins have important roles to play for our health. Though present in variety of foods, all these vitamins are also present in the form of pills and supplements which can be consumed to meet the vitamin requirement of our body.


Vitamin supplements have proved to be very successful but many health experts believe that vitamins nutrition is the best way to meet the vitamin requirement. Proper vitamins nutrition would obviously include foods which are rich in all the major vitamins which are mentioned above. Each of these vitamins has their own benefits. Vitamin A for example is believed to boost immunity, prevent skin disorders, speed up the processes of wound healing and also has anti cancer effects. Its deficiency may lead to a weak immune system and many eye disorders. It is found in carrots, sweet potatoes, animal liver, dried herbs, lettuce and chilies. Vitamins nutrition diet would definitely include such foods to meet the requirement of vitamin. Another example is that of vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for proper functioning of brain and nerve cells, combats flu and cold and also helps increasing life span. It is found commonly in citrus fruits therefore lemon is always a part of vitamins nutrition.

Tips and comments

Vitamins are very important and they should not be ignored. They are not as common as other major nutrients but they are equally important and their deficiency leads to serious disorders. You should have proper vitamins nutrition which includes all the vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. Apart from it there is no harm in taking a simple multivitamin tablet everyday just to be on a safe side.