How To Use Asthma Suplements
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How To Use Asthma Suplements

Published at 01/13/2012 10:23:23


How To Use Asthma Suplements

Commonly found in children, asthma is a type of respiratory disease wherein airway blockage is acquired. The primary cause of this blockage may either be an inflammation or constricted bronchioles. Recent studies show that with today’s environmental condition, increase prevalence of asthma both in children and adults was detected. With these reports, a breakthrough was made in order for man to battle and manage this disease. Researchers have stated the availability of certain minerals whose primary role is to act as asthma suplements.


How To Use Asthma Suplements

Throughout the years, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, selenium, vitamin D and vitamin C are used as dietary supplements. They are taken individually depending on one’s requirements to boost human’s immune system. Several years have passed and the truth about theses vitamins and minerals are discovered. One recent discovery is that they are associated with management of asthma. Along with this discovery, individuals having a hard time coping with today’s air pollution have been given hopes. Today, several asthma suplements are composed of a combination of at least two of or more of this vitamins and minerals. While some supplements for asthma are still pack individually, you can still opt to take multi or individually prepared constituent of these supplements.


How To Use Asthma Suplements

Depending on which asthma suplements you are taking, different drug regimens are provided for each type. It is highly advised to restrict you intake to one supplement if it is packed in single doses. One can also take multivitamins that are already loaded with these vitamins and minerals to avoid overdose. For a more detailed understanding here is a brief overview of some of these minerals and how they are taken. Magnesium is one of the common supplements for asthma. Studies have shown that this mineral aids in the contraction and dilation of muscles. It is helpful to asthmatic patients because it controls spasms specifically the bronchioles. The recommended daily dose for this mineral varies depending on your age. The adult dose for this mineral is 320 to 420 mg. Lower dose is recommended for 18 years of age and below. There are available calcium-magnesium drug products that one can purchase.

Selenium is another supplement for asthma that is also used as an anti-oxidant. Individuals taking this supplement should limit their intake to 400mcg for adults. Fish oil or Omega 3 is one of the healthy fats commonly found in tuna. Aside from asthma suplements, this oil is good for the heart, brain and weight control. Their benefit to asthmatic patients is that it inhibits inflammation. And lastly, vitamin C is a well known respiratory tract and immune system booster. The recommended daily intake is within 500g. To find out more about other supplements beneficial for asthmatic patients you can check out internet sources.

Tips and comments

Today, several food supplements are out in the market. Most of them are highly accessible and does not require a prescription from physicians. For individuals planning to take asthma suplements, always remember to ask you physician first. Your physician can narrow your options and advise you which of them suits you. Having a high nutrition diet is enough for your vitamins and mineral needs. Try your best to consume seafood’s, fruits and vegetables for a healthy body. If possible, you can limit your exposure to chemical, pollutants and other allergy causing materials like animal dander and dusts.


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