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What Is Folic Acid Suplements


Folic acid, a type of vitamin B is needed in one’s diet. Several studies have shown its ability in treating several illnesses. Some have incorporated this vitamin in reducing risk of cancer. Its natural sources are green leafy vegetables such as spinach, legumes and egg yolks. However, for some individuals who is more of a meat eater. Daily intake of this vitamin is not acquired. Pregnant women are also required to add folic acid in their diet. It is believed that this vitamin can lessen the risk of birth defects and blood loss during labour. With that folic acid suplements are developed and commercially distributed to aid in improving an individual’s health condition.


Discovery of folic acid dates back in the 1930’s. Its name folic was derived from the folium meaning “leaf” due to the mere fact that it is found in green leafy vegetables. Back then; this vitamin was used to treat anaemia. From then on, several studies were made to broaden one’s knowledge about this vitamin. Several cancers related studies took place in 1960’s to 1990’s. It was 1990 when they found the relevance of folic acid in preventing cervical and colon cancer. In 1998 FDA has required several commercial products such as grains and cereals to be augmented with folic acid. Along with those requirements, the birth of folic acid suplements was acknowledged.


Basically, folic acid suplements are commercial products containing folic acid as their active ingredient. The recommended daily intake for folic acid is 400 microgram. Knowing this, one should not consume folic acid suplements beyond this dose unless prescribed by a physician. Folic acid is normally prescribed to pregnant women. While folic acid is proven to be very beneficial, it is highly advisable to follow precautionary methods when consuming this supplement. For individuals taking folic acid suplements, they must observe for these conditions. Abdominal pain, insomnia, gastrointestinal irritation and behavioural changes are the most common signs and symptoms of folic acid overdose. When one is experiencing these conditions, it is advised that emergent therapy is applied. Meaning, one must visit their physician immediately to counteract the effects of folic acid toxicity. Before one decides to take this supplement, make sure that your doctor or nutritionist has approved it.

Tips and comments

Folic acid suplements are typically safe if the recommended daily intake is followed. Here are some reminders one is ought to know before opting for this supplement. One must always consult a physician or nutritionist to determine if one really needs supplements. There are several studies that show a daily intake of folic acid within 800-1200 microgram of dose increases the risks of heart attack especially for individuals with cardiovascular disease. Increase risks of lung and prostate cancer is also related to high doses of folic acid. Always regulate your intake, since this is a water soluble vitamin, one must increase water intake to avoid kidney malfunction. Water intake is required to avoid urinary tract infection. High levels of folic acid are commonly associated to UTI. With that, the very obvious thing to do to avoid certain complication is to adapt to a healthier lifestyle by consuming fruits and vegetables.

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