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Vitamin B12 commonly known as cobalamin, is a key participant in proper functioning of the nervous system. This is a water soluble vitamin that is also needed for formation. It is naturally found in meat products such as seafood’s, pork, beef, chicken and eggs. However with today’s current lifestyle trends, the need for B12 suplements is at rise. While others have prefers supplements because of the fact that certain animals today are a source of diseases and poisoning such as mad cow’s disease. With these supplements, one can consume recommended daily intake of cobalamin without worrying about fats and certain microbial infection.


In 1920, George Whipple accidentally discovered a potent source of vitamin B12 when he was studying anaemia and B12 deficiency. In his study he concluded that consuming animal liver have a large effect in treating blood loss and anaemia. The most common B12 suplements back then was liver juice. From then on, several chemist and scientist tried several experiments to efficiently find a way to consume large amount of liver without consuming a large amount. It was in the mid 1950’s that a chemist named Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin found a way to chemically manufacture B12 from bacterial cultures. From then one, B12 suplements were sold in different drug stores and health and wellness stores.


B12 suplements are dietary supplements that provide the human body with sufficient amount of vitamin B12 daily. Cobalamin is used to treat cyanide poisoning. It elevates IgE levels for allergic individuals and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases can be acquired. Individuals that consume this product are vegetarians because of the lack of meat in their diet. Pregnant women also consume this supplement to fight anaemia and blood loss during labour. Individuals under a weight loss program prefer consuming this supplements rather than consuming meat. The recommended daily intake of this supplement is 2 to 3 microgram for orally taken B12 suplements. While there some speculations that sublingual supplements are highly absorb that orally taken supplements, you can ask your physicians for direct instructions. There are also available topical preparations that are used for skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Tips and comments

Like all synthetically prepared drugs there are limitations for its use. Though as of today there is no sufficient evidence to prove serious damage with continuous and high doses of cobalamin. Still, there are certain precautionary methods for the use of B12 suplements. Any individual who is suffering from medical condition such as blood disorder and Leber’s disease must first consult a physician before taking this supplement. When sensitivity or allergic reaction to this drug is acquired, consult your physician right away. The very basic thing one should do before purchasing this medication is to acquire affirmation from health care practitioners. Make sure that what you are purchasing is FDA approved and tested for its safety. If possible, try your best to obtain it from natural resources. Eating a well balance diet is the basic form of maintaining a healthy body.

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