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What Is Woods Suplements

Published at 01/17/2012 07:22:22


The trainings for bodybuilding, especially the intensive ones will solicit the body, requesting for special nutrition immediately after this moment. As soon as the training session is over, you will have the “anabolic window” at your disposal, meaning the moment when your body can be used at maximum, and the nutrients will be perfectly assimilated. Besides the supplement with vitamins and minerals, you will also need a glucose supplement that is a part of the group called woods suplements.


It is important to hydrate both during training and after, as the woods suplements require water to be processed. From the woods suplements that have a high concentration of glucose, we can speak about malodexrine, waxy maze, and other products of this type. The glucose contained in those supplements will repair the muscular mass, launching the secretion of insulin, helping the proteins to be assimilated by the body. It seems like an optimal solution is a combination of vitargo and waxymaize, the most common woods suplements, and dextrose. Of course, it is also important what you eat after, and this is why those supplements must be mixed with whey supplements and products with an increased percentage of fructose.


The woods suplements used commonly today will help the reconstruction and the growing of the muscular mass. They are rapidly absorbed by the body, and even if they have a theoretically low content of useful substances, they must be included in the diet, as they help fixing other substances in the body. However, avoid the cheap fake supplements, as they are made in laboratories, with some weird and unreliable methods. It would be useful to add supplements of amino acids and digestive enzymes, to increase the speed of absorption, but take great care with those products, as a large number of products used at the same time will be harmful for the body.

Tips and comments

Immediately after the training, it is preferred a small-medium quantity of proteins that could be obtained from wood supplements. The simple proteins without carbohydrates must be avoided, as they would be decomposed and used as an energy source. Instead of eating a shake of pure protein, it is better to eat some bread, as it will have practically the same effect.


From the wood suplements, the body is also able to synthesize fats, but it is better to combine those supplements with coconut oil, macadamia oil, and avocado. Besides the antioxidant effect of those substances, the effect will be beneficial because of the low quantity of carbohydrates contained in those oils. Anyway, for the persons with an increased layer of fat, the wood supplement must be used only with reduced quantities, as those supplements will increase the releasing process of fat in the blood, reducing the effectiveness of training.


Those supplements must not only be used after training, as they are perfect for your daily diet also. Taken in the morning, they will help the body to gain the energy needed for the whole day, growing the force and the muscle volume of the trainee.