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Benefits Of Vitamin D Suplements

Published at 01/19/2012 00:05:22


While other vitamins and minerals are important for the body, it seems like the vitamin D suplements represent a viable source of energy for the organism. Here are the main advantages of those substances, as well as the fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin D.


It is important to assimilated 1000 UI of vitamin D every day, and you might think that the only solution is to eat as many fruits and vegetables containing it as possible. While this might be a good method, it is practically impossible to accumulate the needed quantity every day, so it is necessary to take the vitamin D suplements also.

It is known that the skin produces vitamin D, and sun exposure is a great method to increase this production process. However, while during the summer, eating fruits and vegetables and lying in the sun is just enough, for the winter, you will need the vitamin D suplements to obtain the necessary resources.


Especially for the northern parts of the world, where the sun is cheap, the body of people doesn’t benefit of the needed quantity of vitamin D, and this is why it is needed to take the vitamin D suplements.

Vitamin D is essential to maintain the elasticity of the skin, and women that follow treatments based on this substance claim that they are able to look younger for a longer term. However, this is not the only benefit of using the vitamin D suplements.

Vitamin D is known as a natural barrier for germs and diseases, so it is perfect to protect your body against cancers and other deadly diseases. The immune system enhances its resistance to the harmful diseases because of this vitamin, and this is why it is also important for your kids to benefit of this substance.

Tips and comments

However, even if your child surely needs the vitamin D suplements, you should not administrate them without consulting your doctor. Vitamin D can be extracted from many fruits and vegetables, and this is why sometimes it is not needed to administrate the vitamin D suplements.

The production of vitamin D by the skin is significantly reduced as the person advances in age, and it was proven that people aged 70 or more have a decreased production of vitamin D with more than 50 %, compared with the production of a 20 years old person. This is why it is important to take the vitamin D suplements that will bring the level of vitamin D in your body at a decent level.

The vitamin D suplements have an important role for the bones to assimilate calcium and to increase their resistance. It also has a beneficial role in assimilating the magnesium, iron and other substances. You won’t have to worry about over dosage. The human liver has the possibility to assimilate a large quantity if this substance and this is why it is not harmful. However, check the quality of the vitamin D suplements you take, as some fake products of this kind could be really harmful for your body.