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Which Suplements Are Best For Nutrition

Published at 01/19/2012 14:36:57


If you want Suplements nutrition for bodybuilding, fitness, weight loss, muscle growth, improve memory, increase energy, improve health then you read the right article.

Suplements nutrition are presented in various forms: pills, powder, liquid, capsules, bars and have different flavors. The best known and used products worldwide, due to both their quality and quantity ratio / price, are the products of firms : MuscleTech, Twinlab, Prolab, California Fitness, ISS, API, Cytodyne, Six Star, Dymatize, BSN, Gaspari Nutrition, Nutrex, Universal Nutrition, Labrada Nutrition, MHP, Weider, Cytogenix.


Suplements nutrition are divided into:
Amino acids found in capsules, pills, powders or, more rarely, liquids. Their major advantage compared to concentrated protein is that the body only needs to absorb them. By using amino acid shortens the time between the end of the training compared to when using proteins. At the end of the training the body desperately needs amino acids. The difference becomes even greater, dramatic, if compared with the use of a regular food. From this category we recommend : Liquid Amino Fuel (Twinlab), Whey Amino 2000 (California Fitness) Amino 2000 (Prolab), Liquid Amino (California Fitness) , Amino gelcaps (Prolab), BCAA Hardcore (MuscleTech) Amino 2300 (API) Beta Alanine (API), Complete Amino 2200 Power (ISS), Animal Nitro (Universal Nutrition).
Suplements nutrition for burning fat can be: to reduce appetite, to regulate thyroid, for blocking absorption of carbohydrates and fats from regularly meals etc.. In this category of weight loss supplements there are: Xenadrine NRG 8 hour power New (Cytodyne) Xenadrine EFX Extra Strength (Cytodyne) Dyma-Burn (Dymatize) Polythermex (API), Polythermex Hardcore (API), Ripped Fuel Extreme new technology (Twinlab), Cuts II with Chromium (Prolab) Liquid L-carnitine (Prolab), ThermoXtreme Hardcore (California Fitness), Lipo-6 (Nutrex) Hydroxycut Hardcore (MuscleTech).
Suplements nutrition with high concentration of carbohydrates (70%) and low protein (10-25%) are especially recommended for those who want to take weight quickly. They are high in calories and are very useful especially for skinny guys. To mention in this category: Professional Strength Mass Gainer (Six Star) Mass Fuel (Twinlab), N-large2 (Prolab), Mass Tech (MuscleTech) AnatorP70 (MuscleTech) Gainer (API).


Average concentration of supplements with protein and carbohydrates (40-50% protein, 60-40% carbohydrates), which contain major amounts of fiber are considered to be useful both athletes and for those who just want to maintain perfect health, because of the composition of balanced meals who are an excellent replacement.
-Supplements with a high concentration of protein and low in carbohydrates (60-99% protein, carbohydrates, 1-35%).
This product is recommended for athletes with increased protein needs, who can’t obtain them from basic meals, or who need to maintain or build muscle mass without fat gain. Knowing that, in general, foods rich in protein are also greasy. Such products are particularly useful endomorphic (type with thick bone, short, with a tendency to gain weight), and other categories. To this category we include products such as Nitro-Tech Hardcore (MuscleTech ), 100% Whey Protein (California Fitness), Professional Strength Whey Protein (Six Star) Pro M3 (ISS), Pure whey (Prolab), Whey (API) Isopure (Natures Best), synth-6 (BSN) Milk & Egg (Universal Nutrition).
Protein concentrates are divided in two categories: protein concentrates with rapid absorption for the first part of the day (morning ) and slow absorption protein concentrates ( before sleep ).