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Is Stress Suplements Good For The Body

Published at 12/29/2011 17:48:03


 We live in a stressful world that demands a dozen things of us at the same time, and it is always up to us to make sure that everything falls into places at the end of the day. However, how long can you keep going before it takes its toll? Your body is designed to handle stress, but how long will it take before it becomes too much and you lose control of yourself entirely?


 If you are not sleeping or you are sleeping poorly at night, you could be suffering from stress. The other thing, and many do not know this, is that the smallest thing in your life can cause loads of stress. You get many kinds of stresses and all of them are different. The stress you experience at work is not the same as the stress you experience at home and vice versa. When you stress about something, big or small, you require energy, and this energy comes from nutrition you get from food.

Hydrochloric acid, magnesium, methylators (B9, B12 and B6), omega 3, vitamin c, zinc, vitamin e are some of the nutrients you lose when stressing. And when you are not getting the right amount of nutrients, the way you handle your stress, will become more and more out of your control. Making sure that you find a supplement that contains these nutrients is a great way of handling your stress and controlling it.


 The question: Can you acquire these nutrients from foods you eat? Yes, you can. You will be able find everything in foods you eat, but not the hydrochloric acid. If you prefer eating good foods that contain these nutrients, good. However, do you eat enough for your body to get the right amount every day? How many of you cannot eat at all when you are stressed? Finding the right supplements that will be able to provide your body with the right nutrients will be key to providing you with everything you need to handle it and not burn out and cause further damage when you run on empty.

Stress supplements are not bad for your body but just make sure you do not take too much. The most important thing when dealing with stress it to deal with the stress itself. You may need to consult a psychologist to help you deal with your stress. Alternatively you can find someone close to you and share your problems and worries. Although stress supplements do help to some extend some people have reported some side effects.

Tips and comments

 A good diet is also important when you are suffering from stress. Make sure you take all the nutrients so that they can replace that zinc, vitamin E and omega 3 that you lose when you stress.  Vegetables, fruits and foods containing high Omega 3 levels are recommended when you stressed. In conclusion, one can say that although stress supplements should be taken when you are stressed, they must be taken with other foods. Proper counselling is also recommended.