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the 10 Best Beauty Supplements

Published at 01/26/2012 15:51:29


True beauty comes from within. No matter how hard we try to look beautiful from the outside by applying various kinds of make up on our face, if we are not beautiful from the inside we can never have that certain glow on our face. Internal beauty, here, is referred to excellent health, which many people lack due to the fact that they can never attain that perfect beauty. The kind of beauty every one wishes for. Food for that, plays a really important role to have healthy and beautiful skin one has to eat only healthy food which totally excludes all kinds of junk food and fatty food, a task which requires colossal determination. To cover up for that, we have beauty supplements.


the 10 Best Beauty Supplements

Beauty supplements are basically solid forms of vitamins and minerals that have an important role in making the skin and hair healthy. They are considered as probably the best way to attain what is called the perfect beauty. Makeup only hides and never cures, but healthy food starts showing results slowly. Hence supplements are a good and quick way of looking beautiful. The concept of utilizing supplements to look beautiful took a boom in recent years. Though the concept has been around for ages, in today’s world it seems as the best solution. So it can be said that when makeup failed to work and eating healthy food became too hard, supplements and surgeries came in with the former, being more appropriate and popular.


Beauty supplements come in many forms and shapes. Most popularly they are in a form of pills and tablets but supplement shakes and juices are also available. These supplements are composed of vitamins, minerals and organic extracts that are believed to have a role in making one beautiful and healthy, from the inside as well as outside. Below are certain vitamin tablets and supplements which come under the category of beauty supplements:

  • Vitamin B complex tablets, Vitamin B complex is responsible for making the healthy hence vitamin B complex supplements are a really popular beauty supplements
  • Vitamin A and C tablets, these are believed to protect the skin from sunlight
  • Biotin tablets, they make the hair and nails strong.
  • Vitamin E tablets, they make the hair strong, smoothens the skin and is good for the eyes
  • Zinc tablets, zinc plays a very important role in making the hair, nails and skin smooth. Zinc is a very important mineral which many ignore to include in their diets.
  • Horse tail and green tea extracts.
  • Lycopene tablets, for healthy skin.
  • Vitamin A tablets.
  • Bilberry and blackberry berry fruit extracts, for removing skin blemishes.
  • Calcium supplements, that not only make the bones strong but also keep the skin hair and nails healthy.

Tips and comments

These are some of the common vitamin and mineral tablets that come under the category of beauty supplements. Various companies produce such supplements under their brand names. At the end there is a note, warning that not all supplements are made for you. Before taking any supplements you always consult your nutritionist.