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What Is the Best Vitamin For Healthy Skin?

Published at 01/25/2012 22:54:50


Everyone is very conscious about their skin. There are several vitamin for having flawless and stunning skin everyone. Some of them are in natural sources and some are found in the supplements. Skin is a very important gauge of health. The skin is also an indicator of what goes on inside the body. Some people have very acne prone skin, which indicates that the maybe the person’s diet isn’t very nutritious and doesn’t go well with their skin type.


What Is the Best Vitamin For Healthy Skin?

The imperative and most famous vitamin for Healthy Skin are a topic which has been researched over and over again. There are several options when it comes to vitamin for healthy skin. People even use creams and lotions to get the result they can get from the vitamins for this purpose. For years dermatologists have emphasized on making sure the skin is fed from the inside and outside. The vitamins for healthy skin, are what feed the skin from the inside and the creams and lotions help feed the skin from the outside. There is a very common saying ‘You are what you eat’; this statement’s translation is basically what is mentioned above.


What Is the Best Vitamin For Healthy Skin?

The Vitamin for good skin are Vitamins C, E, K, A and B. all these vitamins are known for helping improve your skin and make your skin healthy. Vitamins C and E are the ones which are recommended the most by dermatologists as prime vitamin for healthy skin. These two vitamins help in blocking the effects of sunlight and protect the skin. Vitamin C is also very important for helping cure cancer or even preclude cancer. Vitamin A is something that is found in the food we eat. If the intake of foods that contain Vitamin A is not up to the mark then the effects of that can been seen in the complexion and texture of the skin. Therefore when it comes to healthy skin, Vitamin A cannot be ignored. The importance of Vitamin A is such that, the difference in the skin is immediately visible. Vitamin B is the other vitamin for healthy skin that is very significant; it forms the basis of skin, nails and hair. The deficiency in Vitamin B can result in hair loss and scaly skin among other side effects. The proper and adequate intake of all these nutrients is what ensures healthy, youthful and clear skin.

Tips and comments

When it comes to vitamins and the best vitamins for healthy skin, the above mentioned vitamins are essential and the most popular. However, it is also recommended that healthy and nutritious food be the prime source of all the essential nutrients and vitamins recommended and needed for beautiful skin. As food contains all that is imperative for the body and the skin. So taking supplements for vitamins is not the only way to ensure healthy skin the food one eats is also responsible for the vibrancy and the age of your skin. Therefore it is recommended that one’s diet should include fruits and vegetables and less processed food.