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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Taking Nutritional Vitamins

Published at 02/02/2012 16:59:42


Vitamins are organic and minerals are inorganic substances. Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that our body needs to grow and develop our body naturally. They are very important for human body as it helps to keep it healthy. For example, Vitamin D helps in absorbing the calcium that aids in forming of strong bones. As minerals like calcium and iron helps in carrying oxygen from throughout the body.

To get the best nutritional vitamins for your body, you just have to eat right food. However, if that is not sufficient enough for your body then you can go for dietary supplements that helps in boosting the intake of vitamins and minerals.

Disadvantages of Nutritional Vitamins

Nowadays, nutritional vitamins and supplements are very popular. They are available in most of the chemist shops. People, too, are consuming them without knowing that these types of things can harm them too. Even kids who dream of having the best body are consuming them without consulting any doctor.

You can consume fruits that are rich in minerals and vitamins, as overdosing of fruits doesn’t affect the body. But the nutritional supplements have a negative effect on the body if you will overdose. You will get more water soluble vitamins from the food you eat rather than the nutritional supplements. Some harmful effects of taking nutritional vitamins are:

1- Blurred vision and loss of hair. Taking these nutritional vitamins could be a negative point as it will affect your vision and you may lose your hair too at a very early age.
2- Muscular weakness and hypertension. Overdosing of these supplements could affect your bones and can make them weaker.
3- Faintness, dizziness, deafness, nausea are some other problems that may occur if you will consume these supplements.

Advantages of Nutritional Vitamins

The regular intake of vitamins and minerals can make our immune system stronger. But if the required consumption level of these will lowers, then we will suffer from vitamin deficiency which leads to a number of diseases. As there are various types of vitamins and there will be a problem in the body if there is a shortage of even one type of vitamin. The Nutritional supplements can help you in this case by providing additional vitamins that help to immunize your body against diseases. Suppose you want to have a good body and you regularly practice in the gym; to keep your body fit, you have to eat food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Homemade food and eggs can help you to an extent, but you have to take these nutritional vitamins if you want to shape your body in a positive direction.


If you are not satisfied with homemade food and you think that only green vegetables, eggs and other foods cannot help you in making you fit and healthy, then you can take nutritional vitamins. Howvere, before considering them, go to the doctor and have a chat with them, as he/she can tell you what should be done at last to keep you fit.