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About a Wellness Water Filter


For those who just cannot stand tap water or even forms of it which are not highly purified and free of chlorine, the wellness water filter may be an answer. To experience a whole new revolutionary method of water purification that brings to you water that is not only safe to drink, but also at par with mineral water, you could try the wellness water filter.

The unique filter cartridges used by the wellness water filter make it highly sought after. This cartridge has been produced after a lot of research that went into what it should be constituted of and also how these constituents should be layered to give the best performance .the research was conducted in hilly areas and mountainous regions where water from natural springs known to have beneficial properties was collected and scrutinized, and the mechanism by which nature purified the same was understood. Water that has been purified using the wellness water filter is not only clean and free of impurities that exist in tap water, the wellness water filter also removes all traces of dissolved chlorine from the water. This chlorine can be harmful to the health if it is consumed for long periods of time.

A wellness water filter will give you water that is more healthy and cleaner than water purified by any other method like reverse operating systemmosis, distilling and more. Research and comparison shows that it is better than even the most expensive and best packaged mineral water. Also, a wellness water filter changed the physical structure of the hydrogen bonds in water, making them more regular and allowing water to be what can only be described as more hydrating and soft on your system. This also means that the water can carry the ions and nutrients in your body more efficiently to different parts of it.


It is not the claims will not be such as can be experienced by you first hand. Sure, you cannot see that the water is cleaner and free of harmful factors, but the taste of water from a wellness water filter is also different. You will find it to be refreshing, as if it came from a gushing, flowing mountain spring. Even the most undrinkable of water will change, and the salty, chlorine-ridden properties of bad drinking water will be reduced to give you a pleasant taste instead.

A wellness water filter is a must for those who are fighting diseases or trying to combat health problems. It is also ideal for families with children, as the immune system if children is not as strong as an adult's. Of course, anyone else who is looking to experience the best of drinking water available today is also free to use a wellness water filter.

Tips and comments

It is true that a wellness water filter is more expensive than other kinds of filters, but it also has more benefits and certainly performs better. You might also want to try the Wellness Carafe, which is a jug with a filter based on the same technology and costs lesser.

By Sia Attavar, published at 04/05/2012
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About a Wellness Water Filter. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.