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The Five Best Center Wellness Careers

Published at 02/29/2012 17:22:59


Wellness centers offer several activities from exercising and swimming to massage and cure treatments. They can also be part of hospitals and medical centers whose purpose it is to assist patients in physical rehabilitation.

The concept of wellness existed already during the period of ancient civilizations such as ancient Greece and Rome. At this time, there is not much literature on the origin of wellness centers. However, the concept of wellness was floated around in the 1950s when Dr. Halbert Dunn, a physician promoted the idea in a series of lectures in the Washington D.C. area. He published a book called High Level Wellness in 1961. The idea found its way in doctor's offices, medical centers and hospitals.

Today, wellness is the current hype. The concept of wellness transcends beyond exercising or eating healthily. It is a continuous process advocating a healthy lifestyle from exercising and consuming well-balanced meals to relaxing and developing minds. Lifestyle changes contribute to the health, fitness, and overall wellness of a person. Those who have lost physical stamina either due to a disease or an accident will find that checking in a wellness center helps them recover physically and mentally.

If you are thinking of five best wellness center careers, have a look at possible jobs you might consider:

Fitness specialist: A fitness specialist or trainer is the person responsible for leading exercise activities. He/she is the main person who motivates and instructs a person or a group of people the right way of doing cardiovascular workouts, strength building, and stretching. Many fitness specialists work part-time, but it can also be a full-time job at a wellness center. In addition to working at health facilities, a fitness specialist can work in private homes teaching special exercises and techniques. They can design their own programs and courses. Depending on the laws of the state, fitness specialists are usually certified and are encouraged to take additional classes to update their skills.

Massage therapist: Massage therapy plays an important role in relieving pain and relaxation. There are more than 80 types of massage that a massage therapist can specialize in. Usually, a massage therapist talks to a client first before doing anything to learn the medical history and the desired outcome of the massage. Apart from a wellness center, massage therapists can be self-employed or work in hospitals, schools, medical centers, and rehabilitation homes.

Athletic trainers: They are responsible for educating athletes and patients to prevent injuries while doing sports. Supervised by a physician, the athletic trainer is responsible for advising and teaching patients how to use machines and even a simple thing as bandaging and compression. Athletic trainers usually work with sports team or in schools, but wellness centers also employ athletic trainers to supervise the training program of clients or those in rehabilitation.

Consulting physician: If you are physician, you can also work at the wellness center on a consulting basis or as an administrator. The main functions are to supervise the health and well-being of clients and to ensure that therapy programs are not harmful on the health of clients or patients.

Nutritionist/dietitian: Nutritionists ensure that the meals served at the canteen or the restaurant of the wellness center are well-balanced and nutritious. The dietitian can also advise those who follow a specific wellness program on the right nutritional requirements and needs.

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Another interesting career is that of an exercise physiologist. A person who is certified to work as an exercise physiologist assesses a patient's level of fitness to check if their bodies can handle physical activity. There are patients who benefit from exercising while others not. Once the patients are tested, the exercise physiologist develops a specific program for them. He/she monitors the progress of patients.


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