Health And Wellness Centers in Palm Springs, California
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Health And Wellness Centers in Palm Springs, California

Published at 02/15/2012 20:17:52


Health And Wellness Centers in Palm Springs, California

There are several superb health and wellness center in Palm Springs, California. These centers are widely considered the best wellness and health providers in the state. The best trainers and health experts are located in this area. Celebrities and prominent media personalities are often found in these centers. There are numerous services offered by these facilities for individuals that want to look good and stay healthy. These centers will not only help keep you away from major illnesses but also it can help improve your looks as well.


Palm Springs, California is considered to be Hollywood’s playground. The majority of the well-known celebrities and artists are residing in this prestigious area. The place also has several attractions, five star hotels and destination areas. The majority of the clients in the business establishments in this area are celebrities and tourists. The personnel constituting the health and wellness centers in Palm Springs, California are unrivaled. They are hired by the best wellness centers to provide maximum satisfaction to their renowned clients.

Gym facilities or wellness centers are practically scattered in Palm Springs, California. You can see them at every corner that you would pass by. These gym facilities can help you attain a healthy and attractive body. Their fitness equipment, paraphernalia and machines are the finest in the world. Here are some of the best wellness centers in this prestigious place.


Palm Desert Athletic Club

The Palm Desert Athletic Club has various fitness programs that would help you attain your certain health and wellness goals. Their training programs include Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Cardio Pump, kickboxing, body sculpting and H20 aerobics. They also have swimming lessons for individuals of all ages. This facility will certainly help improve your conditioning, power and strength. There are also racquetball and basketball courts for visitors and club members. This fitness facility also prides itself on the friendly and accommodating personnel and trainers.

Gold’s gym

Gold’s gym is certainly one of the most highly recognized fitness centers in the world. It has hundreds of outlets and franchises from around the globe. This fitness franchise is available in thirty countries with 600 gyms in different locations. Gold’s gym in Palm Springs, California is one of the best fitness facilities in the planet. Their gym gears and apparatus are at the top of the line. A customized program with a personal trainer is also provided for its members. You can have superb health benefits with a sculpted body through the guidance of their programs and trainers.

24 Hour Fitness

This fitness center is complete with free weights and cardio equipment. The facility also provides fitness and cycling classes for its members. There are other indoor pools available in the facility for members that would love take a dip. Whirlpools, sauna and steam rooms are also available for members that would love to relax after their workout.

Power of Fitness

Power of fitness is made up of old school gym equipment and tons of iron. This training and fitness facility is well suited for hardcore bodybuilders and intense fitness enthusiasts. The trainers in this health and wellness club are the best in muscle building programs.

Tips and comments

These are some of the many gyms and fitness centers available in Palm Springs, California. These health and wellness centers are also highly recognized in all parts of the world due to their superb facilities, successful programs, and competent trainers.


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