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Life to be enjoyed in real sense requires perfect health. Sound heath enables the utmost and pleasurable utility of your physical and mental potential. Likewise, you can do your job best if you ensure wellness in the workplace. That is why, because of greater emphasis put by the national, multinational, international and global volunteer health organizations, modern flourishing industrial units, business companies and various profit making organization give first priority to their workers’ and laborers’ wellness in the workplace. No doubt these companies and business firms for the enhancement and promotion of their employee’s health have to spare a proportion of their capital and make subsequent investment in this field, but productivity enhancement and the multiplied profit increase is comparatively much higher than the meager original expenditure.


Wellness in the workplace is actually a program launched and presented by the employer or group of employers, like governmental state run organizations or private business entities constitute a combination of organizational, educational as well as environmental activities organized to facilitate the behavior that is conducive to the employees’ health not only in a business but also for their families. The wellness in the workplace is usually termed as corporate wellbeing, particularly outside the United States of America. It usually consists of health awareness and education, health fairs, health coaching, staff member wellness newsletters, weight management programs, on site fitness programs, medical screenings and educational programs or facilities meant to change the behavior of the employees to reduce the possibility of the associated health risks and to secure the better health. So, to achieve the above mentioned goals wellness in the workplace strategies becomes inevitable.


In the United States, many employers have turned to the wellness in the workplace programs in order to alleviate the economically drastic impacts of the enormous increases in the health insurance premiums which have been significantly witnessed in the first decade of the 21st century. Various kinds of employers and larger or smaller companies across the globe and particularly in the US have started varying the health insurance amounts depending upon their active participation in the respective wellness in the workplace programs. As a positive consequence of which, the secured goals are valuably significantly impacting the bottom line.

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Concerning the methods applied in the due course of wellness in the workplace programs, there include the preventive screening, personalized health assessments, the establishment of a round the clock company fitness centre, wellness coaches as well as personal trainers which result in a great deal of improvement in the health of employers enhancement in their healthy lifestyle.
As a consequence of recent development in the field, the wellness in the workplace programs have expanded to include the cash incentives, sending of health newsletters, provision of various food options dietary counseling, workshops, development of a second fitness center as well as launching smoking cessation programs. Moreover the adaption and extensive utilization of technological trends in the field of wellness in the workplace, is getting momentum day by day as many global companies are following the trend with ever greater pace.

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