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How To Compare Wellness Quotes


Quotations are basically the expressions or statements that explain someone’s point of view in just few words or sentences. There may be a hidden message but apparently they’ll look like a statement or a sentence. Wellness quotes are often used for someone to get well or if a person is sick he can be advised or wished to be well soon.

Step 1

It is very easy to compare a wellness quotes as they clearly depicts wellness for some individual. Let us take an example of a wellness quote “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.” Now in this wellness quote the person is advising the other one to consider food the medicine and if he wants to get well soon then he has to take food and treat it as his medicine.

Step 2

On the other hand he’s also suggesting the medicine to cure you is food. If you eat lots of food it will be considered your medicine and you’ll be healthy good as food is your medicine so you don’t need any other thing.

Step 3

Wellness quotes are different from other quotes like love quotes, funny quotes or sad quotes. There reason is to cure someone who is ill or has got hurt. This illness can be physically or mentally and in both cases wellness quotes explains there true meaning.

Step 4

Another wellness quote is that “Whenever a doctor cannot do well then he must be kept from doing harm”. Now in this wellness quote the person is trying to explain is if the doctor is not a good doctor then he should not try to even harm you. Doctors are considered to be the savior but if they cannot perform their purpose well then they have no right to even harm you or make you suffer. So if that doctor cannot cure you nor cannot relief you from your pain then he has no right to even give you pain or harm you.

Step 5

Normally there are six components of wellness considered as proper weight and diet, proper exercise, cutting of smoking habit, controlling on alcohol, problems and stress management. If we consider and compare another wellness quote with us it can be “The first wealth is health”. Usually we consider money, car, home or other luxuries as our wealth but the wealth in real is our health. These all luxuries will be nothing if we are not healthy or we are sick. But if we are healthy and have a good proper diet then we can make money and can afford other luxuries so in a true meaning health is the first wealth.


The best way of comparing wellness quotes is using them according to the situation. Sometimes situation is like motivation is required and sometimes the situation is like wishing someone for his benefit.



The wellness quotes are totally different as compared to other quotes as they aren’t only for curing someone who’s sick but they depict a wishing attitude also which sometimes have a good impact on others.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/05/2012
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