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Dog Wellness Tips

Published at 02/04/2012 04:25:41


Millions of homes have dogs, cats or other animals living in them. Pets are loved as another member of the family for most. Just as you would care for yourself, spouse or children it is also important to take good care of your family pets. This article discusses dog wellness tips.

Step 1

Finding a good vet is a crucial component in maintaining dog wellness. Ask friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and other pet owners you trust for references and recommendations. Interview potential vets in your area. The staff should be professional, friendly and welcome your questions. Stop by to check out the facility. The waiting room should be calm and relaxed. The exam rooms should be clean and sanitary.

You may wish to find a vet that specializes in your particular breed of dog or any specific ailments or conditions they face. For example, large dogs are frequently more likely to suffer from joint problems so finding a vet who has advanced knowledge in these issues will help ensure the highest level of care. Make sure the vet’s office hours and location work for your schedule. If the vet is not on call for emergency situations after hours and on weekends and holidays make sure there is a backup plan, such as affiliation with a nearby emergency animal clinic.

A knowledgeable and caring vet will help you keep you obtain a highh level of dog wellness. They will explain to you what preventative procedures will be helpful and answer your questions about your dog’s health. Finding someone you can trust is important in dog wellness.

Step 2

The saying “you are what you eat” is important for dog wellness as well as for humans. Your dog will feel better and behave better with the proper diet. They will also have shinier coats, better breath and small poop that dissolves faster and isn’t as stinky. Many dog food manufacturers use cheap ingredients that aren’t as healthy for dogs. This allows them to make and sell the food and cheaper prices, increasing their revenue. Paying more for a higher quality dog food is worth the investment in your dog’s health. Avoid foods that contain corn, especially if corn is listed as the first ingredient, which means the food is comprised mostly of the grain. Corn is a difficult ingredient for dogs to digest. Instead look for foods that list a meat, such as chicken or lamb, as the first ingredient. Look for rice, barley or oats as the grain instead of corn. You may have to visit a pet store instead of your grocery store to find a good quality food.

Step 3

Your dog wellness means exercise in both body and mind. Purchase toys that make the dog work a puzzle in order to release treats to keep them from getting bored. Go on daily walks. Play Frisbee or fetch with your dog. A well exercised and engaged dog will mean a better behaved dog.


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