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Once upon a time, doctors were looked at with great pride and thought to be the heroes of the nation, but then time passed and pretty soon, becoming a doctor became an everyday thing and people stopped caring. A little more time passed and doctors started to get blamed for everything that went wrong in medicine. Every death, every apparently incorrect diagnosis, and even the loss of organs from a patient was a blame shot on the heads of a doctor; a doctor that went through four years of college, then four years of med school, and then four years of residency all because he wanted to save the life of a random stranger that he does not and probably will not get to know. Such, is the way we humans have evolved; we have managed to alienate everything that has originally been entirely for our personal good. However, the world does not stop and people must move on. With time, medicine has also evolved, and now there are opportunities such as doctoral programs in Wellness, and several more that are new to the ear. Indeed though, a course in Wellness is far different than the conventional medicine we have all come to know of.


In fact, a course in Wellness and the entire concept behind it is completely different than normal medicine, and should therefore, be thought of as a new and emerging science. In medicine, where doctors are trained to tackle every disease through the use of chemicals, Wellness is the use of your brain to create awareness between your mind and your body. Several other procedures have been incorporated into the study to establish it as a proper doctoral program. It is thought to be an alternative to medicine; a procedure in which you can tackle a great number of health issues through the use of your control over your own body. This entire idea is still fairly new and started to really take off somewhere after 1970.


There are now several institutes and universities that are offering doctoral programs in Wellness. A few of them include Arizona State University, Bastyr University, Michigan State University, and several others. Since much of the great results from this study are yet to come, this procedure and form of treatment is still looked at with great skepticism, but people interested in it seem to believe it is still very promising and should produce outstanding results if enough research is put into it. The optimist in everyone seems to support the study since for a fact; everyone knows that even though conventional medicine, has come a long way and has become increasingly effective, there are still a great number of side-effects that are still unaccounted for.

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There are now a growing number of people showing great interest in doctoral programs in Wellness. With many people now sitting with their fingers crossed, hoping for this study to really take off, the critics still go on to make snide remarks and undermine the progress that people have made in regards to this study. Let’s hope that the awareness of the mind is really sufficient enough to not need medicines to cure the simplest health issues.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/07/2012
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