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At one time or the other, we have all come across the saying “A healthy body is a healthy mind”. It is not possible to be mentally fit if your body is not healthy and performing optimally. And since the healthy mind is a gateway to success and all the good things in life, it is vital that one stays fit. Staying fit means staying active. Having a healthy diet, exercising a few times every week, or taking up a sport of your choice are few things you should try. Sports and wellness are not far from each other. Sports without doubt one of the most fun ways of staying in shape, and it is important too in our daily lives, which involves less and less physical activity as earlier.


The relationship between sports and wellness is not that difficult to establish. A lot of research points towards the health benefits associated with physical activity. The direct effects of sports and regular physical activity prevents various chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart diseases. Another argument that relates sports and wellness is that, apart from physical fitness, sports help in staying mentally fit too. According to a WHO report, “one in four patients visiting a health service has at least one mental, neurological or behavioural disorder, but most of these disorders are neither diagnosed nor treated”. Physical activity can be an important tool towards curing such disorders. Sports and physical activity have been found to have positive effects on intra-personal factors like physiological and cognitive affects. Depression has also been scientifically proven to be cured by regular physical activity and exercise.


Since wellness is not about just being physically and mentally fit and also indicates a person’s ability to resist diseases, it is important that we look at sports in such light. Here too the link between sports and wellness has been established by scientists. Physical activity is used by doctors in treatment of diseases, both communicable and non-communicable. Prevention of diseases is also possible through sports and is thus a very practical option for developing countries, as it can be a cost-effective way of improving public health.

Tips and comments

The options for selecting the sport to help you stay fit are many. Pick up any sport that interests you and involves a bit of running among other physical activity. If you are a large group of friends looking for a way of staying fit together, picking up a team sport is a good idea. Playing football, hockey or cricket with your friends is not only a great way of staying in shape, it is also most fun. The competitiveness, laughter and challenge you might face on the pitch contribute towards both the physical and mental well being. Tennis and Badminton are also good exercises to try if your group is smaller in size. If you have no one to join you, a simple jogging or gym routine is also a great option. Sports and wellness are always related to each other, and if you wish to remain healthy, remember to incorporate any physical activity in your daily routine.

By Smita, published at 02/09/2012
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