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About Homemade Wellness Dog Foods


Food composition is an important aspect when one is considering wellness dog or puppy feed. Dog food and nutrition will influence how your dog grows up; their behavior, health and general wellness which means that proving wellness dog food is a great responsibility that the dog owner must shoulder. Recently there have been a lot of issues raised about wellness dog foods and nutrition which have raised the awareness of many dog owners about what they should feed their dogs on and what they ought to leave out of the canine’s diet. Understanding the options that one has is important when putting together wellness dog food.


Making wellness dog food is not as hard as some people would want us to believe, the advantage with these wellness dog food is that they are cheaper to make unlike commercial bought feed. Most of the commercial foods sold today have raised eye brows from several quarters as animal experts point out that some manufacturers don’t include all the ingredients as required thus making dog owners feed their dogs on junk food.

The best time to start your canine on wellness dog food is when it’s still a puppy; this will ensure that the canine will grow up healthy as it feeds on the right diet. Wellness dog food will get rid of some of the common complains that dog owners worry a lot about. Problems such as odor, energy levels and behavior issues will be sorted out as your dog feeds on the wellness diet. Wellness dog food ensures that the owner will have fewer worries about the health of their canine friend thus saving money that could have been used in treating preventable illnesses.


Raw food diet many not be ideal for everyone due factors such as working schedules, incase you are unable to make the ideal natural food for your dog then it’s still possible to go for commercial feed. Just be sure that you get premium dog food that contains no additives or meat by-products. Such food can be enhanced with nutritional vitamins but avoid commercial made supplements.

  • An ideal wellness dog food diet should have the following:
  • Not less than 60 percent of meat-beef, fish, lamb or chicken
  • About 15 percent offal-liver, intestines, lumen and others
  • 10 percent vegetables-carrots, avocado, fennel
  • 10 percent fruits-banana, watermelon, papaya
  • 5 percent supplements-garlic, celery among others

Tips and comments

The wellness dog food should be thoroughly mixed and shaped in to balls. Once its well mixed bake it for not less than half an hour at about 2000 C heat. The food can be further enhanced with cottage cheese, milk. sunflower oil.egg York and grinded oats. Dogs fed on wellness feed right from when they are young tend to grow up with less health complications. At the same time since diet tends to influence behavior a lot the canine is likely to be better behaved unlike canines that are less well fed or used to eating junk commercial foods. It’s always important to note that how well you feed your dog affects how well the two of you bond together so give your canine the best and expect the best from the dog.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 02/13/2012
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