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How To Use File Sharing Software

How to use file sharing sofware


File sharing is the practice of providing access information stored digitally like the computer programs, multimedia, documents and electrical books. A File sharing software is a software that is used to facilitate file sharing. The common methods of information storage, transmission and dispersion of information include; a manual sharing utilizing removable media, a centralized sever on computer networks, world wide web based hyper linked documents and distributed peer to peer networking. On a windows XP-based computer, you can share files to the local and remote users. Local users are the people who log on to your computer directly or through guest accounts while remote users are those who connect to your computer through the network and access files that are shred through your computer.

Step 1

Download or install an antivirus software to the computer. Installations from the Internet are free and as simple as clicking the download option and sending the software to your desktop. To prove that the antivirus you have downloaded or installed is working, just check if the company's secure emblem is showing. The main aim of this software is to protect your computer from viruses and other threats that are brought about by file sharing.

Step 2

Download a freeware peer to peer file sharing client like kazaa, lime wire or uTorrent. Most of the file sharing software's available are free but sometimes you can pay a small premium for a high quality client. 


Step 3

Connect the P2P file sharing software acquired to the internet. If you have kazaa or limewire, go to the file tab on the software's toolbar and click connect. If you have bit-torrent software, go to its index website and perform a download search








Step 4

Set up a file where all your downloads will be saved and retrieved from when required. If you skip this step your downloads will automatically be sent to the computers sharing folder and each time you will want to retrieve them, you will have to search the C drive for the downloaded files.

Step 5

Look for a relevant file to download. You could search through the P2P file sharing software search bar, bit torrent index site or Google search if you are using a bit torrent file sharing software. Download your file by double clicking on it and if you are using bit torrent, double click and then read through the information and then click on the download bar provided.

Step 6

When sharing files, do not change the upload settings of your file sharing software and program. The more file you download, the more files that people upload from you.

Step 7

Have a set limit of the number of files you upload at a time. Right click the file sharing software while its running and then locate your start menu or go to toolbar options of the program and click "uploads". At the file sharing software you will see upload options that range from unlimited to 25kbps to 0kbps depending on the type of file sharing software you are using.

Step 8

Shut down file sharing software by selecting 0 uploads in the options bar.


Using/ running a file sharing software often slows down your computers speed. It is therefore important to exit and close the file sharing software when it is not being used.
When downloading or sharing files, always check if the material you are about to download is under copyright. It is illegal to download or share materials that are under copyright hence, your IP address could be recorded and the material distributor might seek to undertake legal action against you. However, such cases are rare.

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