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Users surf the web for two reasons: to get information and to download files. The browser is one of the most common sources of downloads. Nowadays, many websites contain huge amounts of data on their servers. Data includes movies, documents, music files and software. Piracy has also increased the number of downloads. Pirated copies of music and movie files are available for free. Proprietary software is also downloaded and is called file sharing. Recently, many websites were shut down by courts because they were intentionally or unintentionally sharing files, which is illegal according to the law. There are many types of file sharing, which are not illegal. Below we are going to discuss a few of these methods of file sharing.

Step 1

FTP is one of the most common and oldest methods of file sharing. FTP stands for File Sharing Protocol. It is used to transfer files between two different computers or servers. Direct viewing of file is also available. There are many free FTP platforms, which can be downloaded from the web. Installation process is very easy, and help files are included for users who are unaware of the function of the software. For using FTP, you need two applications: FTP Client and FTP Server. FTP server is used to fulfill the needs of the FTP client. For that, FTP client must send a request to the FTP server. Security must be ensured, as it is quite venerable to different types of viruses and Trojan attacks. Various software implements their security system.

Step 2

Online file hosting is also a good option of file sharing. If you are a unregistered user, the file size for uploading is restricted, which is about 10MB, but if you are a registered user, then you can upload as many file as possible, without worrying about the size of the file. Unregistered users have lots of advertisements on their site; this is done by the provider to make up for the cost of their service. Revenue sharing is also available. It means that if many people download your file, you will get paid. These are few benefits of file sharing online.

Step 3

The BitTorrent method is becoming a fast mode of file sharing. Unlike, the online file hosting, there are many users who verify that the torrent is corrupted or fake. This saves precious time of the user before downloading the file. Web is full of software, which can be used for downloading torrent files; most-used software includes BitTorrent, µTorrent, Vuze, etc. The files are packed into a torrent and have a torrent extension.

Step 4

Program like Kazaa is also a very famous way of file sharing. Connection is established between the client and the supernode. Supernodes are connected to many supernodes for searching the file quickly. This method has become obsolete, but many still use it as they find it reliable. The main disadvantage of this program is the occurrence of file corruption.

Step 5

Users can also share files on your computer. Operating system like Windows, Linux and UNIX provides provision for sharing file easily. Just by enabling the sharing property, user can share documents.


Sharing of file is very important in big offices.

additional tips

Google can help you in finding the best sharing website.

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