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Investing in Your Future With the Stockmarket


When it comes to investing in the stock market, there is no one method that will guarantee success. All investments in stock carry at least a small amount of risk. However, there are certain guidelines or rules that can help to minimize risk and create a good strategy.

Both novice and seasoned investors make use of a number of different strategies when it comes to investing in the stock market. Within the scope of these different strategies, there are a few basic tips that will serve investors well and help to support the effort to generate equitable returns while keeping volatility within acceptable parameters.

One of the most important aspects, unless you are a day trader, is to think of the stock market as a long-term investment. When looking at stocks to invest in, you need to think of the long-term potential the stock possesses. For example, think about whether the stock has potential for growth. With this method, it is best to stay away from those stocks that are considered to be rich-quick. When investing long term in stocks it is also important to stay calm when the stock only experiences small movements. Over time, the small changes will seem as a big change from your initial investment.

There is a reason that the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is an oft quoted phrase, and this is especially true when it comes to investing in the stock market. By diversifying your stock market portfolio, you can create a buffer against the risk of losing all your investments. For example, if a few of your stocks happen to fall, you will still have other investments that may be rising that will help to balance out the loss. When diversifying, try to pick stocks that are in different industries or companies. In some cases, you may want to select stocks that tend to be against each other.

Employ the KISS principal. Also known as the “keep it simple stupid” strategy, the idea is to make sure that the investor understands exactly what type of returns are projected for a given investment, the level of risk involved, and what would happen if the asset fails to perform in the manner anticipated. The general rule is that unless the investor has a firm grasp on how a particular type of investment functions, it is better to focus on investment opportunities that the investor can understand.

Accurately projecting the potential return of the stock market involves knowing not only the current status of the investment in today’s market, but also how it has performed in the past under certain stock market conditions. Checking into the background and current financial status of the investment’s issuer will also go a long way in helping to choose investments that are stable and likely to remain so as the economy undergoes different types of shifts.

Stocks that carry a low level of volatility or risk usually generate more modest returns. At the same time, potential returns are higher on stocks that are considered more volatile. Expecting huge returns without taking on a significant amount of risk is not realistic in today’s stock market, making it necessary for conservative investors to go with options that are considered less likely to lose value in upcoming market conditions.

Instead of creating a portfolio containing holdings related to one industry, secure stocks associated with a variety of different industries. Many investors will balance the portfolio by setting specific percentages for holdings related to each industry. Another way to diversify is to balance a foundation of safe investments that carry a low level of volatility with a few riskier stock market options. With either approach, any losses sustained with holdings of one type will likely be offset by gains with the other stocks in the portfolio.

Tips and comments

  • Diversify the stock holdings.
  • Set reasonable expectations.
  • Research investments carefully.
By Zoe Newf, published at 04/05/2012
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Investing in Your Future With the Stockmarket. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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