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How to apply for admin secretarial jobs

Published at 01/06/2012 20:44:45



The economic recession that was recently experienced, affected the entire world very negatively. People across the world were all affected, from first world countries like America to third world countries on the African continent. Unfortunately no one was spared the devastating effects of this particular recession, least of all those searching for jobs. There are thousands if not millions of people around the world looking for admin secretarial jobs. You have to meet a certain criteria in order for you to get admin secretarial jobs.

Step 1

A major result of the recession was the loss in jobs across all industries. The majority of positions in all companies became uncertain, and resulted in even more people vying for the same positions. Admin and secretarial positions, although still scarce, remain vitally important in every company. Admin and secretarial staff are the backbone of absolutely any and every organization, and its integral that the people filling those positions are competent and well qualified. Depending on the extent of the admin secretarial position that one is applying for, a few years experience should be sufficient. If you are looking for an admin or secretary job for the first time, make you have good passes in all your courses. You must also impress at the interview in order to stand a good chance.

Step 2


When applying for admin secretarial jobs, one needs to ensure that you can complete all of the duties and tasks expected of you. These positions normally entail some sort of customer or client interaction, and a substantial amount of admin, such as filing. Excellent organizational skills are also required. If you are a self motivated individual and you also love interacting then you can make it in this industry. People applying for secretarial jobs should have some experience in similar roles, which would ensure that they will not be uncomfortable in their new role.

Step 3

When applying for admin secretarial jobs, an up to date, comprehensive and professional resume should be sent to the relevant company detailing the applicants job history, previous roles and duties, useful skills, as well as any courses, diplomas or degrees that may be applicable. Be careful not to add too much irrelevant information to your resume as potential employers often don't have the time to go through large amounts of information. Again if you are overqualified for a certain job you may not get the job. make sure you apply for admin and secretarial jobs you are qualified to do.



When looking to apply for admin secretarial jobs, there are a number of avenues one can take. The web is a great place to start, as there are a lot of websites advertising such positions. Newspapers are also good places to look for admin or secretarial positions. It is advisable, however, that one makes sure that the positions advertised, and the companies advertising, are legitimate. Get to know the company advertising the job first before you can submit your application. If it is a recruitment company you are dealing with, find out who they are and also their reputation.

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