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How To Repair Instruments Percussion


Whether you play the drums in a band or you have your own percussion instruments that you play as a hobby, you might sometimes have to fix them. Musical instruments have a way of breaking when you least expect them to, which is why you might find yourself in a situation where you need to find a way of repairing them.

Step 1

Fixing the percussion instruments that don’t work properly anymore depends on their type. If you’re an amateur player, you might not know that this kind of instruments is divided into more categories such as idiophones, membrane-phones, chord-phones and aero-phones. Therefore, each of them breaks in a different way. The membrane is, logically, the main thing that needs to be repaired in membrane-phones for example.

Step 2

Once you have established the cause of damage in your percussion instruments, you need to proceed into finding some tips on fixing them. This only applies if the damage is small and you consider that you can repair it by yourself. For instance, some instruments were built in a way that creates a sound which is not always the best one for you.

Step 3

The damages that you get in percussion instruments due to the some issues that appeared in the technological process of producing them are usually fixable. This is why you can simply follow the video tutorials that are presented on various websites such as YouTube or eHow. If the things that you want to fix are represented by the sound you can use different items as a way of repairing it.

Step 4

Fixing percussion instruments that are heavy damaged or have an unknown cause for their damage should be better left to professionals. Therefore, you should look for the best percussion instruments repairing centers in order to make sure that they will be repaired and they are going to work much better afterwards.

Step 5

It’s always a good idea to have your percussion instruments fixed by someone you know directly or through a friend. There are a lot of musical instruments repairing centers but not all of them might provide you with the best services, which is why having a general idea about their work and feedback from other customers is a better option.


If you don’t know anyone who knows how to repair percussion instruments you are back to searching for these repairing centers by yourself. You only need to type the main keywords in the search box and you are going to be directed to the best websites of the musical centers available in your area.

Before you hand in your percussion instruments to be repaired, you need to have some kind of warranty in case those instruments will be handed back to you in a state in which they work even worse. There should be some kind of forms that you can fill, otherwise it’s entirely your risk to hand in the instruments to musical centers and have them returned unfixed and in an unsuitable condition. This is why you need to consider all these things when your instruments are damaged.

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