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Instruments Guitars Sound Like

Published at 01/25/2012 20:14:33


Instruments Guitars Sound Like

Guitar strumming seems like the most basic thing any beginner can do with a guitar and this is what produces the sound that the current generation has become addicted to. Every guitar has its own sound which differs depending upon experience, even if two people are playing the very same guitar. Adults tend to be more attracted towards guitars that have soothing and light tones. Teenagers in general are passionate about guitars that provide a heavy metal feel with lots of noise.


Guitars were initially known as tavern instruments and a very basic version that included a few strings existed. With the passage of time, many different versions of the guitar came about with the change in technology, electric and other instruments guitars are inspired from gained popularity. Hence, before that acoustic guitars that had a softer tone were used in abundance. Electric guitars only became popular when the generation in consideration started realizing a passion for loud and blaring music that rips into one’s soul. Round about in the 18th century is when a popular figure by the name of Antonio De Torres actually started making larger guitars, similar to the shapes we find today. Instruments guitars sound like were also in the stage of development hand in hand during this era.


The sound that guitars produce depends upon the number of strings as well. 6 strings are the most common ones and 12 string guitars are also available, which are usually harder to play. The wide range of instruments guitars sound like includes electric bass, violin, viola, cello, mandolin and harp. Harp is the only instrument out of all the ones mentioned that doesn’t resemble a guitar at all. It is a multi-string instrument whose plane is positioned perpendicularly to the soundboard and is usually part of a stereotype as angels are visualized as playing it on the gates of Heaven. Harps produce a sound similar to guitars, but at a much lower pitch and is hence used by folk musicians. The violin looks almost completely like a guitar; however, it’s played using both a bow and the finger tips to create a number of different pitches. This instrument again possesses a bass-y sound that is more common in jazz and classical music. Violins are increasingly becoming a part of Eastern cultures as well. All the other mentioned instruments guitars resemble and most certainly sound like produce tunes through the same mean; plucking of strings.

Tips and comments

The sound that any guitar can produce depends upon the experience and interest of the player. Quality of the guitar is also dire to determining how it will play. One must spend time in analyzing the genre that the beginner wishes to specialize in. Only then should instruments guitars sound like should be chosen. The price range is also a criterion to be kept in mind. Banjos are the instruments similar to guitars that are cheap. All others like violins and harps are extremely expensive. The frequency of use also determines the type of guitar used. The more frequently the user plans to use guitar-like instruments the more willing they can be to pay a higher price.


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