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There are many musical instruments that are made and played on the keyboard. Majority of these instruments are using musical keyboards. At the same time, most of the keyboards are played in mechanical, electromechanical and electronic style. The most common types of instruments that uses keyboard is the piano. Some keyboard instruments are the bowed clavier, clavichord, and harpsichord.

Step 1

There is various ways where you can fix your keyboard instruments. At the same time, it is important to know that every instruments are dealt separately, especially when opening the instruments and fixing the problem in the keyboard instruments.

Step 2

Know the problem. If you think that your keyboard instruments have some problem, then you need to know the source of the problem. By identifying the right problem, it will make you understand and figure out on what to do immediately. You need to do this, because the problem that you think might be is not. If it is a sticking or broken keyboard instruments, then you can fix it easily. Also, if it is all about the keyboard does not switch on, and then you can check if it has some problems inside the piano. Other problems can be uneven volume and cracked keyboard.

Step 3

Now, you are required to open the instrument so that you can fix the keyboard instruments. For the piano that is classic, all you can do is open it in an upright way. However, since some of the instruments are electrical based, you need to prepare some materials in opening the musical device and be able to fix the keyboard instruments. You can prepare house tools like that of the screw drivers, magnets to keep the screws in one place, glue and others. In addition, you need to keep in mind always pulling out the plug when fixing any electrical music device, to avoid electric shock that may lead you to a very unpleasing events in your life. Meanwhile, for the broken key that is made out of wood, you need to have the materials like the carpenters blue, a couple of pressure clamps, which you can purchase in the hardware, toothpick or any stick in applying the glue to the stick, sanding papers, thin woods and some instrument for cutting.

Step 4

Now you have the materials needed, you are now ready to stick the keyboard instruments together, if it is broken. When applying for the glue, you should clean the broken part carefully and apply the glue. However, if it is different problem, try to adjust some of the keys in the keyboard.

Step 5

Once you have fixed the problem of the keyboard instruments, try to perform some simple adjustment to the sounds of the instrument. However, make sure first that you have given enough time for the glue to dry.

Tips and Comments

In addition, there are some major instruments that have keyboards such as Aerophones, Idiophones and Electrophones. However, most of the instruments that have keyboard have common problems and you need to fix and repair it. There are five steps to fix the keyboard instruments.

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