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How to clean electric instruments

Published at 02/09/2012 09:36:00


Electric instruments such as synthesizers, electric guitars, amplifiers and keyboards are very essential in the music industry these days. Musicians are able to manipulate an astounding array of sounds with these modern musical instruments. Musicians nowadays can produce music with tools that are as unique as their style. One of the best features of these instruments is that they are user-friendly. In fact, some of these devices can help you learn to play them without the guidance of an instructor. Piano keyboards have programs that will assist and teach beginners on the proper way of playing the piano.

Electric instruments were designed to give convenience to the part of the musician. If you are a musician, then you should consider these musical items to be one of your closest friends. Like any other belongings, these types of musical instruments should be given the proper care and attention from their owners.

Step 1

Learn the Common Electronic Musical Instruments

These modern electric instruments are vital in the music industry. In fact, nearly 80 percent of the musicians these days are using such instruments. Only musicians that specialize in music categories such as jazz and acoustics are using the traditional instruments such as the acoustic guitar and piano.
• Drum Synthesizers
• Samplers
• Amplifiers
• Electric Guitars
• Octopads
• Guitar Effects

Step 2

Proper Maintenance of Electronic Musical Instruments

Electronic musical instruments need the proper maintenance and care from their users to preserve their quality and monetary value. Here are some tips to keep your electric instruments in good condition:
• Protect these instruments from detrimental temperatures such as artificial heat, direct sunlight and extreme cold air. You must keep these instruments in safe, cool and dry places when they are not used. Always avoid placing them in humid places such as a closed car compartment. This procedure will help maintain their performance and sound quality.
• Invest in protection coverings for these electric instruments. An electric guitar needs a sturdy case for its protection. You should also avoid using bags as their protective coverings.
• These instruments are very expensive nowadays. You must not leave these items unattended since they can be damaged or lost in the process.
• Clean these items after every performance and practice.

Step 3

Ways to Clean the Electric Instruments

• Never use a wet cloth to clean these instruments. It is highly recommended to use a dry and soft cloth to clean these instruments. A cloth with water could damage the internal circuits of these instruments, which could cause impairment to some of its functions.

Step 4

• Clean all the metallic parts of your electric instruments with denatured alcohol. This type of alcohol can be used for cleaning electronic devices. They are liquid materials but could not damage electronic items since they were designed to sanitize items like these. Denatured alcohol can also remove the corrosion and rust in your instruments.

Step 5

• Remove and clean all the switch coverings and knobs. There could be dust particles hiding in these places. Be thorough and extra careful in checking and cleaning every corner of the electric instruments.


All these procedures must be observed to preserve the beauty, sound quality and value of your instrument. Also, do not try to repair these instruments by yourself if you do not have the appropriate knowledge of electronics. Consult or hire services of a musical electric instruments technician when it needs electronic repairs and restoration.

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