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How to start singing?

Published at 01/17/2012 07:26:13


Singing seems to come naturally to some while in others not so much. However, singing is a passion that anyone interested enough can pursue. This article highlights how you can get started singing;

Step 1

Take lessons

If you have a little more money at your disposal, finding a good music school or teacher is worth a try. This lays the proper foundation for your vocals and helps you realize your potential such as vocal range, early enough .Bad singing habits are detected early enough and taken care of. A good teacher will help you maintain proper breathing as well as  control your pitch.

Self taught courses

Unlike a music school, this can be a less expensive way of taking singing lessons. Books available at the local store and on the internet offer such courses. For beginners it is important to pick a manual that is easy to follow and starts you off at the very basics of singing.

Imitate what you hear

Listen to different musicians and genres and try singing what you hear .Singing will come easy for some genres and not so much for others .This way, more energy can be put into genres that accommodate your voice setup.

Step 2

Join a choir

This could be a choir at school or church .This will give you training ground and help you practice .It also allows you to check how well your voice blends into others .Dare yourself to take lead of a song and see how well you do.

Sing for friends and family

This helps you to build up your confidence .Encourage feedback by allowing them to tell you what it is exactly they think you need to improve on. Try entering a talent show and hear what total strangers think of your performance.

Record yourself

This way you can listen to yourself singing and identify weak and strong positions .You can also listen to it with a professional and let them point out areas that need improvement. Recording yourself regularly, allows you to track your progress; whether you are improving or not.

Step 3

Watch yourself

It is important to watch how your body moves when you sing. A mirror is an inexpensive way to help with this. As you sing, watch your body and take notice of your posture. Your posture means the way your mouth moves to make each vowel or consonant and what moves as you inhale and exhale. By watching yourself in the mirror, you become much more aware of how your body moves as you sing.


Someone who is new to singing can benefit from practicing fifteen to twenty minutes a day. This can be gradually increased to thirty minutes then an hour with time. However, it is not the period of time you practice but the quality of it that matters most.


Listening and imitating your favorite musician is known as learning by ear. Though an inexpensive way to learn how to sing, the problem kind of schooling is that you develop wrong habits that are tricky to break later on. It is therefore advised that some form of professional consulting is done.

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