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How To Record People Singing

Published at 02/04/2012 12:59:13


Humans have always felt an urge to sing, and every one of us has dreamed at least once about becoming a music star. The road to celebrity is long and hard but if you really want to be a singer or have a band you need the right recording equipment. We can find people singing everywhere, on the subway, in the bus, in the shower, but if you want to be a real musician you have to record your songs and send them to a producer. If you want to have a music carrier you can make your own recording studio, of course if you have the resources needed for all the equipment. If you want to record people singing you must have some basic equipment like microphones, computers, headphones, speakers, software, and mixers.

Step 1

Since digital recording was invented in 1982 to record people singing almost everyone can record their voice or instruments at high quality. A basic home recording studio might be expensive but if you want to be a star you must be willing to spend some cash.

Let’s assume you have around $1500 to spend on recording equipment. The most important piece of the studio is the microphone; there are a lot of high quality condenser microphones that you can find. A good and reliable microphone costs around $500. Condenser microphones are suited for recording vocals, acoustic guitars or any type of instruments. Dynamic microphones are made for rough handling, moisture and high sound pressure levels. Dynamic microphones are used more for live performances than for studio recording.

Step 2

Recording the voices of people singing isn't enough; you need professional software that can help you edit the songs. A good professional software can cost around $500 but it will make your work easier. With the remaining $500 you can buy some studio monitor speakers. After you set up your studio you are ready to start recording. The room where the recording studio must be soundproof, because you don’t want to upset the neighbors and your recording will have better quality.

Step 3

Because we hear ourselves differently to what others hear, using headphones during recording is recommended. A good pair of headphones can cost around $100.

Now that you have the basic equipment for recording tunes, grab your guitar and drum kit and start rocking. Practice makes perfect so before recording your tune and send it to a producer make sure you practice.

Don’t be surprised when you hear your recorded voice, it might not sound like you at all because of the void spaces in your sinus cavities. Remember that world famous artist John Lennon was never happy with the sound of his voice, he always tried to modify the recordings and he spent a lot of time in the studio trying to fix his voice.

There are many people singing in this world and they make our lives happier, maybe one day you will fulfill your dream and you will become a true rock star and you will hear people singing your songs.


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