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Cheap Home Deals For First-Timers


One of the greatest milestones in life is to break into independence and to embark on a new independent life .The greatest challenge that comes with this independence is to satisfy the need for shelter. Questions like where am I going to settle and how much I can afford are critical at this stage. One needs to establish their goals and objectives and the time frame within which they will embark on this. A cost is the main factor of consideration in this. A cheap home means one whose purchasing value is lower than the prevailing market value.

Step 1

When searching for a cheap home one needs to consider that they may require some work to be done. This includes handy work and renovation. Hence one needs to consider the total cost of acquisition considering all this costs. One of the key secret in buying a cheap home is that you need to do your homework as an individual. One needs to follow a specific process in order to achieve their objective of buying a cheap home.

Step 2

The first stage is fundamentally information search to try and find out where to get the best deals for cheap homes. Up to 80% of home searchers today begin in the internet. At the comfort of your leaving room, cheap home deals are just a click away from in almost all locations around the world. Essentially, you already have an idea of which kind of home or neighborhood you want to settle in. Therefore you should narrow down your search into the specific geographic location.

Step 3

One could also do it the old way; this involves taking a cruise through the area of interest and looking for cheap homes that are for sale. This allows the searcher to actually interact with the home owner or agent and see the cheap home firsthand. Moreover, once you have identified the specific cheap home that suits your needs, pay a visit to the area and try talking with some of the area residents to get more information about the home, its previous occupants and some history about it. Good things don’t come easy and a cheap home is not an exception.

Step 4

Hiring a real estate agent in the specific area of interest can also be thing of consideration. This agents play a key role in providing information concerning where you can get a cheap home. You are therefore able to weigh your options and settle for one that best suits you. They could also assist you do a title search in order to establish the legal status of the home.

Step 5

If satisfied with the cheap home identified the next step is to establish how to finance the purchase. Cheap homes definitely attract a lot of attention from other purchasers. Therefore one needs to make swift moves and have their financial plans well made so that when an opportunity for a cheap home is identified they are able to cease it. Whether it is mortgage financing or any other form of loans special plans need to be put in place. Interest rates also need to be considered so as to minimize costs as much as possible.

The final stage involves verification of the property documents and title which is very crucial.


In conclusion cheap home deals are not easy to come by. As they say ‘cheap is expensive’ one therefore needs to be very careful especially or a first timer, as there are many dishonest people who are out to lure you into their deals which are often not legitimate., yahoo search


By Edward Mwaura, published at 03/13/2012
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Cheap Home Deals For First-Timers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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