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Tips To Construct Home For Disabled

Published at 01/23/2012 19:40:08

Home modifications

Home modifications depend upon the nature of disability of the inhabitants. If a person experiences temporary disability, modification of home is only for satisfying the needs and wants of the temporary disabled person. In this case permanent modification of the home is not needed. A few modifications of your home make accessible to you on wheel chair. The important tips to construct home for disabled are not have any obstacles inside the home. Without any steps or narrow doors make the home accessible to handicapped. Other thing is that bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms must have wheel chair accessibility. Needs and wants of a person are different from other person so to modify a home for physically disabled person consider their physical limitations and individual needs.

Step 1

Handicap Wheelchair Ramps

Handicap wheelchair ramps are a necessary thing for a handicapped person. Nowadays different varieties of materials are available in the market. We can select our desired one by analyzing that material. Aluminum, wooden and concrete wheel chair ramps are the options of a handicapped person. If a person installs a concrete wheel chair ramp carefully, that will survive for many years. The one type of wheel chair ramp is semi permanent or permanent wheel chair ramps and this type is usually used for public access or buildings purpose. Second type is portable ramps which are usually used for small obstacles or vehicles like doorway thresholds.

It does not require any maintenance as it is a rough texture finished material. Wood needs proper maintenance and it may not last many years and it is a dangerous thing because of its slippery nature when it becomes wet. To improve the slippery nature of the wooden wheel chair ramp we can paint the surface or cover with sticks on the strips. That method will last long period of time. Many types of wheel chair ramp are available depending on users needs. Handicapped wheel chair ramp provide freedom to the users when it constructed properly. Handicapped wheel chair ramps are the important tip for constructing home for disabled.

Wheel chair accessible doors

Wheel chair accessible doors make the disabled persons life easier so this is the important tip to construct home for a disabled person in all means. To construct a home for disabled, doors must be extended for the purpose of walker and wheel chair access. We can remove the surviving unit of doors and relocate all the switches of lights, widen the door frames opening, install a wider new unit of door and repair existing flooring. Two experienced carpenters can have the capacity to complete this work within 8 hours. That also changes the life style of a disabled person.

Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling helps the handicapped persons in wheel chair to reach without any hindrance. Bath room modification is an important while constructing home for disabled and that also leads that person to enjoy a less injured life. The first thing we consider about the remodeling of a bathroom is the size of the door. Normally door size is 24 inches. But a wheel chair must require a 32 inches door for a straight approach. If we want to turn with the help of wheelchair, a 36 inches door is needed. Bath room remodeling is the important and first tip to construct home for disabled.