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Garden Home - Furniture And Plants

Published at 01/27/2012 00:43:12


A garden home is the dream of many green thumbs. People who enjoy growing things and reaping the benefits of the plants they grow often tend to live in a garden home. The furniture and plants in a garden home are slightly different than homes with other décor. The types of plants and furniture you choose delegates the type of garden home you have.


Furniture in a garden home is often made of durable, rustic materials. Wood, wrought iron and wicker are all popular choices for garden home furniture. The wood and wicker furniture give the same natural feel as the plants. It holds a consistency in the room and is good for those garden homes that are very organic. Wicker does not last as long but it is very tough. Wood is strong and has a long life. Wrought iron is most durable of all. It is also considered very classy and gives a very regal look to a garden home. It is also the most uncomfortable for long sittings. It can be very hard to move as well.

Huge, soft pillows and cushions are a necessity in a garden home. The object of a garden home is to bring the outside in and to be able to enjoy it. Comfort is a must. Whichever type of furniture you choose, pick luxurious fabrics and overstuffed cushions to accompany it. Layering cushions and pillows is also a great idea in a garden home.
End tables, coffee tables and other furnishings can be mixed and matched to achieve a uniquely personal garden home. Setting tables in unconventional stair step arrangements adds a bit of excitement to the room and something interesting to rest your eye upon amidst the flora and fauna.

Use portraits and wall hangings with colors that coordinate with your foliage. Wildlife portraits are an amazing addition to a garden home. It adds to the ambience of nature and helps to relax the room's occupants.


There are many, many species of plants that grow well in a garden home. When you are deciding upon plants for your garden home decide where they will occupy space in your garden home. Do you have sunny spots? Do you have a shady garden home? Do you have a mixture of sun and shade? When is the sun the brightest and how long does it last? All these questions are important when picking out the plants for your garden home.

Garden homes can have houseplants, tropical plants, herbs and small trees as part of its plan. Ficus trees are especially wonderful additions to a garden home. They are easy to care for and grow quickly. They have very dark, thick green leaves that hand from sweepy branches. They like bright, indirect light that shines through a window. They require only sporadic watering and misting of the leaves to grow quickly and beautifully.

Cacti are also wonderful garden home plants. They require little water and are often shade loving plants depending on the species. They are several shades of green with spines, stickers and thorns. Some also bloom, bright feather flowers.

Tips and comments

Place garden home plants in an area they will get the required amount of sun.


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