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How To Change Your Home Mortgage Rate

Published at 03/14/2012 18:22:56


There are times when a homeowner may wish to change a home mortgage rate. The reason for a home mortgage rate change may be in order to lower the rate, or it could also be due to an adjustable mortgage that is about to go up. Knowing how to go about this home mortgage rate change will make the entire process easier for the home's owner. It is a good idea to start this home mortgage rate change as far in advance as possible if you are wanting the change to an adjustment that is coming up.

Step 1

  • Speak to your current lender about a home mortgage rate change. Let the lender know that you are thinking about applying for a mortgage rate change. Your lender can let you know how to go about this with them. They can lead you to the paperwork you need and the steps that you must take within their institution.

Step 2

  • Shop around. Visit websites for other lenders and make phone calls. Gather information on refinancing for a lower home mortgage rate. Obtain information on several different lenders. The more that you have to compare, the better your chances of finding a lender that can meet your needs.There are plenty of choices on the Internet. If you have friends or family members who have refinanced, you may want to get recommendations from them as well. 

Step 3

  • Study your information. Gather your applications and information on rates and fees. You will want to look over all of the information before making a decision on which is best for your home mortgage rate reduction.Be sure to read and understand all terms and conditions. Take your time and do not rush into anything. Be sure to read the small print. Do not just skim over everything. 

Step 4

  • Phone your current lender. They may be willing to work with you in order to keep you as a customer. Let them know that you are planning to refinance with another company in order to get the best home mortgage rate. They may come up with a plan to meet or exceed the best offer you found in your search. If so, you may decide to stay with your current lender. Look over the paperwork to be sure it is the best deal before signing anything. 

Step 5

  • Refinance with the company that offered the best home mortgage rate, if you cannot come to an agreement with your current lender. Again be sure to read over everything carefully before signing. If the terms meet with your approval, fill out the application with your personal information and submit it to the lender. 


Do not be afraid to ask questions. If there is something that you do not understand, ask. This is your home and your home mortgage rate, you have the right and duty to understand what you are signing and getting into.

Rates can vary, so be sure to compare offers from several lenders in order to find the one offering the best home mortgage rate for your home.


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