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Remedies Homemade For Stuffy Nose

Published at 03/12/2012 15:57:09

Home remedies for stuffy nose


A stuffy nose also known as nasal congestion is a very common problem to everyone especially during times of cold and flu outbreak. Having a stuffy nose means that you are not able to move in air through your nasal passage easily. Stuffy nose occurs when the nasal passage lining is swollen due to inflammation of the blood vessels due to allergies and flu. Having a stuffy noes can cause a lot of discomfort to adults and can lead to serious health complications to the infants. A stuffy nose can sometimes affect the ears and make them clogged causing hearing difficulty. In some cases though minimal, a stuffed nose can be a symptom of a serious allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis.

Causes of stuffy nose

There are a number of stuffy nose causes that vary from one person to another. Some people may have a combination of these causes. The following are the major causes of nasal congestion.
Infection: a cold is caused by different types of viruses but the most common is transmitted by hand to nose. This virus causes the release of a chemical known as histamine which increases blood flow in the nose making the nasal tissue to swell. This in turn causes inflammation of the nasal membranes which produce excess mucus when congested with blood. This mucus stuffs up the nasal passage causing nasal congestion. Home remedies like decongestants can help relieve the nasal congestion.
Structural abnormalities: this includes the nose and nasal septum deformities that occur as a result of injury even during birth. These structural abnormalities alter the flow of mucus. If the nasal passage is thin on one side, the mucus clogs since it’s not able to flow in the normal way. These abnormalities have no home remedies but surgery can be conducted to correct it.
Allergies: nasal allergies cause an exaggerated swelling in the nasal cavity. These allergies include the pollen, mold and dust. The release of histamine and other similar substances cause the nasal congestion. Home remedies like administering anti histamine can help to reduce the nasal congestion.


Home remedies of stuffy nose

There are many useful home remedies for stuffy nose that provide a lot of relief until the allergy passes. Some of the main and effective home remedies include the following.
Eucalyptus oil: it clears the nasal passage when inhaled. It is actually a common ingredient in most of the over the counter decongestants. You can make your own eucalyptus oil at home simply by filling a small plastic vial with cotton and adding three drops of eucalyptus oil. Keep the vial tightly closed with a lid. When you experience breathing complications, open the vial and breath in the deeply. This will help to relieve the nasal congestion.
Ginger root: ginger roots are one of the best home remedies for nasal congestion. It is well known for their ability to cure cold, stuffy nose and chest congestion. You can make ginger tea by boiling a piece of fresh ginger in two cups of water for about ten minutes. When ready remove the ginger root and add sweeteners to the tea before drinking. Do this three times a day until your nasal congestion is relieved completely.
Cayenne pepper: is among the best home remedies for stuffy nose as it contains anti-inflammatory action that helps in reducing irritation and nasal congestion. It is easy to make cayenne tea through mixing a ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder with one cup of boiled water. Stir well and drink to alleviate stuffy nose. Sniffing cayenne pepper works instantly.
Horseradish root: horseradish clears sinus infections and improves circulation in the nasal passage hence proper mucus discharge. For the best and effective results, grate a fresh piece of horseradish and then eat ½ table spoon. Do not eat it while on an empty stomach as it may cause stomach irritation.



As you apply the above home remedies for stuffy nose, try as much as possible to avoid a dusty areas as they aggravate the situation. Always maintain cleanliness and keep warm. Taking warm water often is also among the home remedies for stuffy nose.