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How To Get a Home Mortgage Loan

Published at 01/24/2012 20:34:45

Home Mortgage Loan

The word mortgage itself means to pledge. Home mortgage loans are loans that are provided by the banker or lender against his or her property. These loans are provided according to the market value of that property the person pledges to the banker. This is an agreement regarding the property that he or she will pay the borrowed money plus interest rate that have given by the banker or lender within a period of time given by the lender or the banker. If he or she failed to pay then the property will be taken away instead of loan amount.

Categories of home mortgage loan

Home mortgage loans can be categorized on the basis of interest rate. They are fixed rate mortgage and the other one is adjustable rate mortgage loan. Fixed rate mortgage loans are the primary one. They are also known as conventional mortgage and this rate will be mentioned in the agreement. Fixed rate mortgage have same interest rate throughout the whole period of agreement. So the EMI will be same throughout the period.

The adjustable rate mortgage is just opposite to that of a fixed rate mortgage. In this case the loan interest rate will be fixed for some period of time after that the person must pay an additional interest according to the bench mark provided by the bank which is known as adjustable rate mortgage. They are commonly known as variable rate mortgage. In other words, it is better to say that the interest paid by borrower will be different in each month according to the benchmark and the additional amount specified by the bank.

How to get home mortgage loan

Each and everyone need to buy a home or to build and everyone wants low credit upon their loan. So for this each one must select the lender from which they take the loan. Before taking home mortgage loan each one must realize the terms and conditions of a bank or a lender. The bank or the lender will provide the loan according to each one’s finance background. They will check whether the person who is taking the loan is fully capable of paying back the same within a period of time that is given by the lender.

To examine the financial support, the lender will ask to provide the proofs of financial support of the person who is taking the loan like annual income or assets. Based on this, the bank will provide the loan. If the person is not financially as supported the loan will not be provided at least he or she must have a property to lend the loan. Upon this property, the loan will be provided for the person.


The important category is the insurance. Though are financially fit to pay back the amount of home mortgage loan, the crises around the world may also affect the loaner. Even if they are affected the bank cannot get affected due to this crises or death of the person for this purpose the lender force the loaner to take the insurance.


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