7 Tips To Save Money on College Home Rent
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7 Tips To Save Money on College Home Rent

Published at 01/31/2012 21:51:35


7 Tips To Save Money on College Home Rent

The quest to a happy life does not end with finally making it into college. Once you get there you realize you still have an incredibly long journey ahead of you, and sometimes a very painful one too. As if the ever increasing and absurd tuition fees wasn't enough to drain out your wallet, finding decent accommodation and paying for it will most certainly do the job. When estimating how much college is going to cost in total after four years, people forget to account for the cost of accommodation and food. Food and accommodation together are nearly as expensive as the tuition fee itself. This is why some students prefer to find a college home off campus. College homes off campus are much easier to afford than dorm rooms on campus.

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From early on, people have preferred to stay as near to college home as possible because that saves money on the commute, and also because it is much more convenient to be able to simply wake up and walk to college. However though, with increased prices in just about everything, dorm room rentals have become highly difficult to afford and so students have been looking for an easy way out. One such easy way is college home off campus. Usually, living off campus offers prices that are almost half of what you would pay living on campus.

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The first tip to save money on college home rent is to get together as many students as you can. The more people that share a house, the more divided the rental cost is going to be. The second is that you equally divide the cost of electricity, water, and gas amongst the house residents. The third is that if the house requires any work, you make the residents pool in since it is for the benefit of everyone.

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The fourth that you set costs according to the size of the rooms in the house. For example, a room with a shared bathroom should cost more than one with a single bathroom. Similarly, a larger room should cost more than a smaller room. The fifth that your home is located as close to the college as possible. Going further away from college is not going to affect rental costs. The sixth that you ensure there are no prior damages that you could be held accountable for. You don’t want the cost of fixing a broken door, or a broken window to be lying on your head.


7 Tips To Save Money on College Home Rent

The final tip to save money on college home rent is that while it is best to have lots of people share the house so that the money gets divided, it would be much more smarter however to have people around you that you actually trust, and that you get along with. Since this is a matter of at least four years, you wouldn't want to be living with people that you don’t enjoy talking to, or people that you don’t like. You and everyone else wishes to keep the college home experience as fun and enjoyable as possible.

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